Barcode ActiveX

Barcode Generation in Access, VB, on the Web, and more

The TALtech Barcode ActiveX Control easily adds barcode generating and printing to MS Access, VB, web pages, C++, Excel and more. It not only produces the highest quality barcodes it is also extremely easy to use.

The TALtech Barcode ActiveX Control has all the features necessary to easily add professional quality barcodes to any Windows application including Web pages, database reporting and labeling, product packaging, document tracking, postal barcoding and special purpose barcode labeling applications.

Extremely Intuitive and Powerful Tool

Our ActiveX control is extremely intuitive and powerful tool. Simply insert the Barcode ActiveX Control into your application, specify the desired properties and your barcodes will be generated automatically. It supports data binding so you can bind fields in a database to the control and generate barcodes for each data record automatically. This capability makes it trivially easy to produce reports and labels containing barcodes using any database that supports ActiveX technology including Microsoft Access or Visual Basic. The control is also fully scriptable in Internet Explorer using VB Script or JavaScript making it extremely easy to create web pages containing high quality, high resolution barcodes.

Quality Professional Barcodes

Select from many popular symbologies and customize the size, caption, fonts and more advanced parameters…

Advanced Data Binding

Bind fields in your database to our ActiveX control and dynamically generate barcode graphics.

ActiveX Technology

Based on the accessible, reliable, and easy to implement ActiveX technology developed by Microsoft.

Build Web Applications

Easily implement server-side barcoding to create robust applications on Windows servers (Plus only)

Watch The Video

Watch the video on the left for a demonstration on using our Barcode ActiveX Control with Microsoft Access.

The Barcode ActiveX PLUS version also supports the ability to generate barcodes as GIF, PNG and JPEG files allowing you to easily create server side barcodes on a Windows based web server. Use CGI/Perl or Active Server Page (ASP) code to produce high quality server side barcodes that will display and print perfectly from any web browser running under any platform including Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac, etc. Sample CGI/Perl and ASP code is included with the PLUS version to demonstrate how to implement server side barcodes on your own web sites. Please visit our web site for a full demonstration of a server side barcode generator using the TALtech Barcode ActiveX PLUS.

Download a Free version of the Barcode ActiveX Control

Download a Free version of the TALtech Barcode ActiveX Control and see how easy it is to add high resolution barcodes to any ActiveX enabled program including Web page documents, VB programs, Access database reports and labels, Word documents, etc…


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