Barcode DLLs

Programmer Tools for Professional Barcodes

The TALtech Barcode DLLs are designed for professional programmers who are developing applications that require a much lower level of control over the production of barcodes. They create all barcode images as high resolution Windows metafile graphics that will print perfectly on any printer.

Add High Quality Barcodes to Windows Applications. Royalty Free.

  • Render your barcodes directly to a printer or screen
  • Return your barcode images to a memory-based metafile or a metafile stored in the clipboard
  • Save the barcode directly to disk as a Windows metafile

Sample Source Code

In addition to a clearly written users manual, several source code sample projects written in Visual Basic, C++, Visual Basic .NET, and more are provided with the DLLs to demonstrate how to use them. A complete barcode tutorial is also provided, in addition to TALtech’s free and unlimited technical support.


Exceptionally high quality Windows MetaFile graphics. Not fonts! Not bitmaps!


Barcodes created are 100% to specification and are always readable.

Ease of Use

One simple function call is all it takes to generate a perfect barcode. Includes Examples.

Watch The Video

Watch the video on the left for a demonstration on using our Barcode ActiveX Control with Microsoft Access.

The Barcode ActiveX PLUS version also supports the ability to generate barcodes as GIF, PNG and JPEG files allowing you to easily create server side barcodes on a Windows based web server. Use CGI/Perl or Active Server Page (ASP) code to produce high quality server side barcodes that will display and print perfectly from any web browser running under any platform including Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac, etc. Sample CGI/Perl and ASP code is included with the PLUS version to demonstrate how to implement server side barcodes on your own web sites. Please visit our web site for a full demonstration of a server side barcode generator using the TALtech Barcode ActiveX PLUS.

Download a Free version of the TALtech Barcode ActiveX Control and see how easy it is to add high resolution barcodes to any ActiveX enabled program including Web page documents, VB programs, Access database reports and labels, Word documents, etc…

Royalty Free Distribution

The TALtech Barcode DLLs come with a royalty free distribution License (*Up to 10,000 copies. Additional license fees may be required for more than 10,000.)


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