Log File Data Collection Software

FileWedge is a branch of the WinWedge suite of applications that is specifically designed to collect data from disk files.

  • Includes all the advanced features of WinWedge Professional
  • Collect data from any disk or log file
  • Available as part of the WinWedge Professional package.

FileWedge has all the features of WinWedge except?

FileWedge has all the features of WinWedge except that instead of inputting data from the serial port, FileWedge reads data from a disk file. This means that FileWedge allows you to read data from any disk file directly into any PC program or web application!

Useful Features:

File-Wedge is provided FREE with WinWedge Pro.

  • Advanced data parsing, filtering and formatting allow you to split up data into fields. Input only data you need into your Windows applications and web pages and ignore the rest.
  • Data Transfer by DDE to any Windows application that supports DDE, such as Excel, Access and VB.
  • Data Filtering Capabilities let you selectively filter out non-numeric characters from any field in your file data or ignore specific fields altogether.
  • Pre-Transfer Translation Tables. Translate ASCII characters to other characters to specific keystrokes.
  • Advanced Keystroke Macro Insertion. Add additional keystrokes or keystroke macros before, after, or within your existing file data. Keystroke macros allow you to control where and how file data appears in the target application program or web page.

File-Wedge is provided free with WinWedge Pro


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