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TCP-Com 2.0 Release

TALtech is Pleased to announce the newest version of TCP-COM v2.0®. Now with support for creating Virtual COM ports!

TALtech's TCP-Com software was originally designed to expose a RS232 serial port on a PC to a TCP/IP port so that RS232 serial data can be sent and received across a TCP/IP network.

TCP-Com Version 2.0 has been upgraded with several new features including the ability to create "Virtual COM Ports" that are actually TCP/IP port connections. This means that any software designed to communicate with RS232 ports can now communicate over Ethernet or Internet TCP/IP ports. TCP-Com also now has advanced error recovery features that can automatically detect and repair broken TCP/IP connections.

The ability to create virtual COM ports allows TCP-Com to be used for a number of advanced applications that were not possible before.

You can now use TCP-Com to:

  1. Turn a PC into a multi port serial device server (or Terminal Server).
  2. Send or receive data over a TCP/IP port with any existing serial communications program.
  3. Open COM ports located on another computer in your network as if they were locally installed COM ports.
  4. Use your network or the Internet as a giant serial cable.
  5. Use TCP-Com to feed data from one physical RS232 port to multiple RS232 serial communications programs.
  6. Use TCP-Com to map a TCP/IP port to a different TCP/IP port.
Date: 01.14.04 Category: Product Releases    
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