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Updated software, pricing, and licensing

We’ve updated a few of our software product, and pricing on almost all our software! The product pages and catalog pages reflect this new pricing.

We've been busy at TALtech improving our software and thinking of ways to provide a better value to our customers. Here's the first few steps towards that goal:

B-Coder Pro 4.3

A few weeks ago we updated our B-Coder Pro software to version 4.3 to include one of the most popular barcodes today: QR-Codes! You can learn more about this upgrade on the B-Coder product page.

WinWedge Standard 3.5

We'll be uploading our latest WinWedge Standard software this week, which includes COM-File (a $99 value) for free. Check the WinWedge product page later this week to learn more about this update.

New Desktop Licenses

In the past, we've offered Multi-Workstation licenses to provide huge discounts for companies and organizations purchasing our software for multiple PCs. The most common licenses were 6 PC, 10 PC, and 25 PC. Today, we're simplifying these Multi-Workstation licenses and adding on a few more tiers:

New License Old License Allowed PCs
Single - 1
Dual New 2
Team Replaces 6 Multi-Workstation License 6
Group Replaces 10 Multi-Workstation License 12
Office Replaces 25 Multi-Workstation License 25
Site Replaces 50 Multi-Workstation License 50

When purchased, a single serial number will be provided for the license and is only valid for a single support contact at a single company / site. For example, a Team license can be installed on 6 PCs at one company. It cannot be split and used, distributed, or resold across multiple companies / sites.

Updated Developer Licenses

Our Barcode ActiveX and Barcode DLLs are available with our developer licenses, detailed below.

New License Old License Allowed End-Users Allowed Developers
Small Project Replaces Small Office licenses for 10 users 25 1
Developer Replaces Unlimited license 10,000 1
Development Team Replaces Unlimited 5D license 10,000 6

New prices

We've reduced the price on most of our software... by almost 50% in some cases! COM-File, TCP-File and CE-Wedge have all been reduced to $99 and the more comprehensive licenses (Group, Office, and Site) have been dramatically lowered. WinWedge Pro is available for $399 ($100 off). A single license of TCP/Com for 1 PC is $199 (previously only available as a 2 PC "Client/Server"). One of the only minor price increases is for WinWedge Standard, which is now $299 and includes COM-File for no additional cost (previously $129 extra). We've uploaded a new PDF showcasing our products and prices. It is available here.

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"TALtech Bar Code ActiveX Control has all the features necessary to easily add professional-quality bar codes to Windows applications. A well designed product that produces professional bar codes that print quickly and scan accurately. TALtech provides example code within VB projects, and you also get sample VBA applications in Access, Excel and Word. I would like to see more OCX publishers follow TALtech's example."

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