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WinWedge Pro 3.1 Release

TAL Technologies is pleased to announce the release of WinWedge Pro v3.1 with an improved analyze window, keystroke delays, and more convenient features.

WinWedge is an easy to use data collection program designed for interfacing RS232 (and TCP/IP) devices such as data collection equipment, laboratory instruments, balances, pH meters, moisture analyzers, micrometers, flow meters, temperature sensors, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, and other serial output devices, to any Windows application. WinWedge inputs real-time serial data directly into EXCEL, Access, LIMS, MMIs, statistical software or any other Windows software.

Use WinWedge to easily perform real-time analysis, charting, and graphing of your serial data in your PC applications. Different instruments can simultaneously send data to different applications or to different "fields" within the same application.

New features of Version 3.1 include:

Improved Analyze Window
Two of the most useful improvements are in the WinWedge "Analyze" window. The “Analyze” window lets users easily identify and analyze the structure of their incoming serial data. You can now open the Analyze window in WinWedge and leave it open while you are defining the structure of your input data. You can also resize the analyze window so that you can see much more data and therefore reduce or eliminate the need to scroll through data that appears in the Input Buffer textbox in the Analyze window.

Add A Delay Between Keystrokes Sent From WinWedge To Other Programs
When WinWedge, TCP-Wedge* and File-Wedge* (*both included free with WinWedge) are configured to send data to other programs as "keystrokes", you can define additional keystrokes and/or date and time stamps to be sent to the target application along with the data. Normally additional keystrokes are used to navigate around in the target application or cause the target application to perform some operation on the data that you are feeding it. In some situations the target application may need some time to process the data that you are sending to it. To accommodate this, a new "DELAY" function has been added to WinWedge, TCP-Wedge and File-Wedge. You can specify the DELAY function in the "Record Preamble Keystrokes" or the "Field Postamble Keystrokes" that you define in the Wedge.

Minimize WinWedge To The System Tray Instead Of To The Taskbar
In all previous versions of WinWedge its windows would minimize to the Windows taskbar. In version 3.1, windows will now minimize to your system tray (the small section on the far right side of your Windows taskbar).

Send Keystrokes to DOS Programs
Another new feature is the ability to use WinWedge with DOS application programs or other Windows applications that do not respond to keyboard input in a normal manner. WinWedge, TCP-Wedge and File-Wedge all now have a special "/K" command line argument that you can use to switch the way that it works internally when sending keystrokes to another program so that it will work with DOS programs.

Date: 07.09.04 Category: Product Releases    
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"I very strongly recommend WinWedge. It is enabling us to perform very difficult environmental data collection. I also appreciate the very helpful technical support I received."

Mark Perry Environmental Services

"I'm blown away by your prompt response! Your company (TALtech) is by far the most responsive company I've come across on the internet. Thank you!"

Jeremy R DeYoung, Chief Architect LunarFly, LLC

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