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Demo Files

CE-Wedge is designed to work on multiple versions of Microsoft's Windows CE / Windows Mobile Platform. If you are using a handheld device running a mobile version of Windows, please download the appropriate file below:

Note for users of Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile devices:
CE-Wedge was written using Embedded Visual Basic therefore it requires the EVB runtime files to be installed on your Pocket PC. Most Pocket PCs have these runtime files pre-installed however they are not always pre-installed in the latest Pocket PC or Windows Mobile devices. CE-Wedge will still run in a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device however you may first need to download and install the EVB runtime files. To download the EVB runtime file setup program for Pocket PC (2003 or newer) and Windows Mobile operating systems, click here.

After you download and save the EVB run time file setup program using the above link, (the file will be named, copy the file to a temporary folder on your Pocket PC and then use the File Explorer on the Pocket PC to navigate to the folder containing the downloaded "cab" file and double tap your stylus on the file to complete the installation. After the EVB runtime files have been installed on the Pocket PC, you can delete the cab file from the Pocket PC.


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