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Taltech Pro Suite - $499

Professional Suite Includes 6 Programs ($1600 value)

Taltech Pro Suite is a highly advanced set of applications that all work together to get data from practically any type of data source (RS232, RS485, some USB, TCP/IP or Disk File Data) directly into any application program or web application running on a stand-alone PC or across any TCP/IP network - including Ethernet or the Internet.



Serial Device Data Collection Software

1. WinWedge Pro has many additional features over WinWedge Standard such as an advanced data parser that allows you to parse, filter and format more complex data. The Advanced Parser can work with raw binary or hex data and can apply math expressions to individual data fields (i.e. to scale data). Additionally, WinWedge Pro allows you to format data in any way you need, such as a specific number of decimal places. WinWedge Pro inputs real-time data into applications such as MS Excel like the Standard version but it also has a "Log to Disk Mode" that parses and filters your serial data and logs it to disk files. Use this alone or as a backup when logging data to applications such as Excel.



TCP/IP Network Device Data Collection Software

2. TCPWedge is a branch of the WinWedge suite of applications that is specifically designed to collect data from networked devices.



Multi-function Serial <-> Ethernet Redirection Software

3. Multifunction serial to ethernet (and ethernet to serial) interface software. Easily access a serial device via a TCP/IP or UDP network or redirect Ethernet/IP data to real or “Virtual” RS232 serial ports. This allows you to use existing Windows-based serial RS232 communications software to send and receive data across any TCP/IP network.



Serial Data Logging Software

4. COM-File is a very simple program that allows you to easily log RS232 Serial data from up to 16 serial ports directly to disk files. Capture and log data from any serial device.



TCP/IP Data Logging Software

5. TCP-File allows you to easily log TCP/IP data from any number of TCP/IP ports directly to disk files. See below for a list of typical applications for TCP-File.



Log File Data Collection Software

6. FileWedge is a branch of the WinWedge suite of applications that is specifically designed to collect data from disk files.

File-Wedge does the same thing as WinWedge and TCP-Wedge except that it inputs data from a disk file. For example, you could use File-Wedge to read data from a disk file and then feed that data directly into a database or web-based application as keystrokes or using DDE. You can think of File-Wedge as a shoe horn for getting data that exists in a disk file into some other program where you would normally have to type the data in - without having to actually type anything. File Wedge would do all the typing for you.

Professional Suite Pro Is The Most Powerful Data Acquisition Toolsets Available!

The Professional Suite also has the ability to send or receive RS232 serial data across a TCP/IP network using two additional programs called TCP-Wedge and TCP-Com. TCP-Com is designed to expose a RS232 serial port to a TCP/IP port on a network and TCP-Wedge is exactly the same as WinWedge Pro except that it inputs data from a TCP/IP port instead of an RS232 serial port. With TCP-Com and TCP-Wedge, you could do things like connect a RS232 serial device to the serial port on one PC and then use TCP-Wedge to input data from that serial device directly into a program running on another PC somewhere in either the same network or across the Internet. For example, you could have a GPS receiver or a scale sending data into the serial port on a PC in New Zealand and then input the data from the device across the Internet directly into a spreadsheet running on a PC in Canada.

Features of Taltech Pro Suite

* Includes these advanced features!

  • Extended support for 2-way I/O to give you more options for controlling serial devices.
  • Supports up to 99 com ports simultaneously.
  • Support for any serial data including Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal as well as ASCII.
  • Maximum field lengths up to 64K (vs. 256 bytes in WinWedge).
  • 30 powerful math and string functions including scaling, conversions, arithmetic and logical operators.
  • Sophisticated data parsing, filtering and formatting of any type or structure of data even very sophisticated data.
  • Virtual Instrument Mode to simulate data from any device.
  • Hot-Key activated output strings and Hot Key control of all WinWedge Pro features.
  • Assign multiple actions to a single Hot Key keystroke.
  • A Pre-Input Character Translation table that can be used to simplify complex input data record structures.
  • More advanced data filtering options.
  • Expanded DDE support provides more precise control over serial I/O functions directly from within other Windows applications.
  • An optional Disk File Logging mode. Use it to log serial or TCP/IP data to a disk file in the background.

Recent Updates

4.0.4 (released September 22, 2015) Fixed minor timing issue with the RecordNumber DDE Item updating after DDE command is sent, updated Keystrokes Mode to allow sending data into remote sessions, citrix, and DOS applications, and fixed minor cosmetic issues

4.0.2 (released January 12, 2012) Minor bug fix

Pro Suite 1 License

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