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Barcode Equipment Companies & Manufacturers

Intermec – Barcode readers and printers
Metrologic – Barcode readers
PSC – Barcode equipment
Symbol Technologies AB – Barcode readers and printers
Welch Allyn – Barcode wands
Desk Top Labels – Specialty and custom labels for any need from office to the most harsh environment. Volume/bulk discounts available as well as smaller quantities. Excellent value and service.
Stratix Corporation – Barcode, wireless and warehouse management solutions to manufacturers and distributors throughout the consumer goods supply chain. – Harsh Environment Barcode, Polyimide Labels, Kapton Labels, Printed Circuit Board Labels, Circuit Board Label, Aluminum Labels, etc

Barcode Standards Organizations

The following organizations either publish standards for barcode applications or govern the use of barcode numbers in commercial applications.

GS1 – Assigns UPC numbers to manufacturers and publishes standards for UPC barcodes (formally Uniform Code Council in US and EAN International in Europe)
Automotive Industry Action Group – Publishes standards for the use of barcodes in the automotive industry

General converters

B&B Electronics – RS232, RS485, RS422 converters, adapters and cables
Black Box – Industrial computer boards and interface hardware
Lawson Labs – Analog to Digital Converters with RS232 output
DGH Corporation – Process Monitoring Sensors with RS232 interface
Daytronic Corp – Temperature, Displacement, Frequency, Speed, RPM, Flow, Force, Pressure, Weight and Voltage Sensors with RS232 interface
Patton Electronics – General Converters, Serial Line Drivers, Interface Converters, Device Servers, Serial Line Monitors

HMIs, LIMS and other Software

Wonderware InTouch – HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software
GE Fanuc Automation – Proficy HMI/SCADA (Human Machine Interface) Software
LabVantage Solutions – LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems)
Lablite – Laboratory Management Software
Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc – Laboratory Information Management System based on SQL Server, Oracle or Access
Shift Schedules – Excel spreadsheets for scheduling employees to work shifts. Free, fully functional, trial version can be downloaded from the site.
MediData Systems Limited – Laboratory sample tracking software
LIMS By Core Informatics – Core Informatics is a software company focused on delivering state of the art, fully customized web-based Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to customers in a vareity of industries.
Ethosoft – Ethosoft offers X-LIMS, a complete web-browser based LIMS, with both traditional and cloud-based solutions for laboratories across all industries.

Instrument Manufacturing Companies

These companies produce instruments with RS232 output, including balances, pH/ion meters, moisture analyzers, titrators, densitometers, colorimeters and other instruments.

Sartorius – Laboratory balances and filtration equipment
Denver Instruments – Balances and laboratory instruments (pH meters, moisture analyzers, etc.)
Mettler Toledo – Lab. balances, industrial scales and laboratory instruments (pH meters, titrators, etc.)
Ohaus – Laboratory Balances & industrial scales
Rice Lake Weighing Systems – Industrial scales and indicators
Fairbanks Scales – Industrial scales (Phone: 816-471-0231)
X-Rite – Densitometers, spectrophotometers and colorimeters (Phone: 800-248-9748)
Precision Weighing Balances – Discount prices for all your weighing needs
DGH Corporation – Process Monitoring Sensors with RS232 interface
Daytronic Corp – Front-end stand-alone signal conditioning and data acquisition solutions for tough real-world applications
Eurotherm – Temperature controls
Doran Scales – Electronic scales and balances
Penn Scale Mfg. Co. – Industrial scales, digital scales, hanging scales, balances & price computing scales
Boeckeler Instruments, Inc – Manufactures video measuring, video marking and precision measuring devices
Tensitron – Digital tension meters and measuring instruments
TM Electronics – TME Leak, Flow and Package Testing Data Collection: TM Electronics’ leak and flow testers can be used with WinWedge software from TALTech to collect RS-232 data and input directly into Excel, Access or any Windows application. Visit for details on all our leak, flow and package test systems.
Robert Owen Inc. – USB A/D converters that allow DIN rail mounted or surface mounted monitoring of 4-20mA sensor transmitters & voltage signal conditioners. The ROI-USB works extremely well with WinWedge Pro 32. Specifications are available online at :

Data Dynamics – ActiveReports for Visual Basic – A highly acclaimed report generator for Visual Basic. We’ve heard great things about this product.
Stewart Technologies – Developers of “Track” family software for Industrial Production and Factory Maintenance.

Manufacturers of RS232 gages and gage to RS232 interfaces

Fred V. Fowler Co. – Precision measuring instruments with RS232 output
Advanced Systems and Design, Inc. – Gage converters (Mitutoyo to RS232, etc.)
Midwest FlexSystems, Inc. – Gage converters (Mitutoyo to RS232, etc.)
Imada – Force gages
Mark-10 – Force gages

RS232 Hardware

Lantronix – MSS1 – RS232 to TCP/IP converters, for use with TCPWedge
Precidia – RS232 to TCP/IP converters
B&B Electronics – RS232, RS485, RS422 converters, adapters and cables
Digi International – Manufacturer of high performance, intelligent and non-intelligent multiport serial I/O adapters and USB to DB-9 Serial Port Adapters
Sealevel Systems – Multi port serial boards
Comtrol Corp. – Industrial Ethernet Gateways
Fred V. Fowler Co. – RS232 multiplexers for gages
Ontrack Control Systems Inc – Manufacturer of serial ( RS232, RS485 ) based, data acquisition and control hardware featuring various combinations of A/D, D/A, digital I/O, relay I/O, counters, and interrupts.
Data Comm for Business, Inc – Manufactures RS-232-to-ethernet serial servers, multi-port asynchronous multiplexers, wireless modems, and asynchronous frame relay FRADs.
Weeder Technologies – Manufacturer of serial multiplexers, digital I/O modules with RS232 interface and custom RS232 engineering solutions. If you need something unusual, they can probably build it for you at a reasonable price.
Perle Systems – RS232 Networking and Communications products for smooth integration into a wide variety of connectivity solutions
OpenGear – Secure device servers with local and remote RS232 to TCP/IP conversion for use with TCP-Wedge. Also provides secure Remote Desktop, VNC and HTTP access to serial and network connected instruments.

Serial Line Monitors and Diagnostic Tools

Benedict Communications – Cost effective Hand Held RS232/422 monitors, testers, and break out boxes

Specialty Sites

Keithley Metrabyte – High speed IEEE488, HPIB, GPIB, analog data acquisition hardware (Phone: 800-615-9885)
National Instruments – High speed IEEE488, HPIB, GPIB, analog data acquisition hardware (Phone: 800-258-7019)
Looking for a UPC Database? – We are often asked if there is a database that contains assigned UPC’s and corresponding Company information. This might be a good starting point.
Interfacing to the PC – A great web site that describes the details of interfacing almost anything to a PC. Includes extensive information on RS232 serial, parallel, USB and keyboard ports. Lots of technical information.
Instrument calibration Services – Specializes in test equipment calibration and repair

Statistical Analysis Software

NorthWest Analytical – Statistical Analysis Software
Hertzler Systems Inc. – Statistical Analysis Software
Minitab, Inc – Statistical Analysis Software
DSP Development Corporation – Graphical Data Analysis Software
Microcal – Data Analysis and Technical Graphics
PQ Systems – Data Analysis and Gage Calibration Software

Wireless RS232

Roving Networks – Develops and manufactures low-cost, wireless products which can be used for device networking implementations in a variety of commercial/industrial applications.
Freewave Technologies – Spread spectrum wireless data modems
RF IDeas – Provides desktop proximity (RF ID radio frequency) readers which are compatible with over 150 million proximity door access cards and ID badges from HID, Motorola, AWID, Checkpoint and others. These readers may be attached to TALtech’s WinWedge for employee identification purposes.
Digi International – Manufactuer of wireless RS232 equipment

Wireless TCP/IP

TrafInfo Communications, Inc – Wireless telemetry and modems for highway traffic monitoring


Jungo Ltd. – Jungo makes USB (Hi-Speed 2.0/USB 1.1) driver development tools, including WinDriver and KernelDriver that automate and simplify the development of device drivers for the Windows.
Future Technology Devices – USB chips and USB to serial drivers for device manufacturers. Distributor in the USA: Saelig Co. Inc.
Robert Owen Inc. – USB A/D converters that allow DIN rail mounted or surface mounted monitoring of 4-20mA sensor transmitters & voltage signal conditioners. The ROI-USB works extremely well with WinWedge Pro 32. Specifications are available online at :

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