100% Accurate & Reliable

Data is automatically transferred to your Windows application with complete accuracy. Eliminate mistypes and manual data entry errors!

Highly Configurable

Works across all industries with thousands of devices including serial, TCP/IP, and USB & Bluetooth virtual COM port devices.

Advanced Parsing

Powerful data parsing capabilities so you only capture the data that you need. Format and filter the data to tailer it for your application.

Total Device Control

Take control of your device by sending it serial commands either automatically on a timed interval or by pressing a hotkey or button.


  • Works with most Sartorius balances and moisture analyzers
  • Capture data directly into Excel, Access, and more
  • Real-time graphs and analysis in Excel
  • Connect your device over RS232, USB, or TCP/IP
  • Control device through buttons and hotkeys
  • Automatic optional date and time stamps
  • Excel examples for balances and moisture analyzers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sartorius Wedge?

Sartorius Wedge is a software package designed to capture data from Sartorius devices into Windows applications, specifically Microsoft Excel. Sartorius Wedge includes two of TALtech’s award-winning data capture programs: WinWedge and TCPWedge. WinWedge connects to most serial or USB devices and TCPWedge connects to most networked devices.

Is Sartorius Wedge easy to use?

Yes, Sartorius Wedge and the included applications (WinWedge and TCPWedge) are very easy to use. There are examples and pre-configured Excel workbooks for Sartorius balances and moisture analyzers, in addition to a full reference manual, quick start guide and videos.

How do I order Sartorius Wedge?

Sartorius Wedge is available exclusively through Sartorius and their distributors. The software should be available for purchase when you order your device.

Are there examples available for my device?

There are Excel examples for Sartorius balances and moisture analyzers. These can be adapted for use with other devices, but some modification may be necessary.

What are the system requirements?

Sartorius Wedge has minimal system requirements to work on as many PCs as possible.

  1. Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  2. CR-Rom drive (if using physical media)
  3. Sartorius device
  4. Cables and PC inputs for that device
  5. Microsoft Excel is required for many examples.