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Download support files, examples, and more...

Quick Start Guide (Sartorius-Wedge_Quick-Start.pdf)

Review this guide to learn how to capture data into Excel using Sartorius Wedge.

WinWedge Manual (WinWedge-Pro-4-Manual.pdf)

This manual is a more comprehensive resource on using WinWedge. It contains tutorials, examples, and troubleshooting.

Excel Example (

These WinWedge and Excel files are designed to capture data from your Sartorius Balance into Excel.


To obtain a copy of the software that you purchased, please contact our support team at with a valid serial number or the name of the company / user registered for technical support.

Sartorius Wedge Excel Add-In

The Sartorius Wedge software package comes with an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that makes it easy to read in weight values from a Sartorius balance into any Excel workbook. The original version of this Excel Add-In was found to have problems running in Windows 10 and other versions of Windows that had strict write protection of the C:\Program Files folder.

The symptoms of the problem are that the Excel Add-In will raise an error after you run the Setup function from the Sartorius Wedge Add-In menu.

A replacement version of the Excel Add-In that fixes this problem is now available.

To update a your Sartorius Wedge Excel Add-In, please using the following instructions:

  1. Download the file using the following URL:

  2. Make sure that Excel is not running.

  3. Locate the file folder where you currently have the file named SartoBalance.XLAM installed. It should be C:\Program Files\Sartorius-Wedge)

  4. Extract the file SartoBalance.xlam from the downloaded ZIP file to the same file folder where the original file was installed overwriting the original. If the folder is protected, you will need to have Administrator privileges in order to copy the new file to the Sartorius-Wedge folder.