Data Collection Software

Powerful and Flexible Software Interfaces

Our data collection software solutions are built to provide powerful and flexible software interfaces for almost any serial, TCP/IP, and USB / Bluetooth (virtual com port) device across a wide range of industries and applications.

Professional Bundle

The Professional Edition is sold as a bundle that includes TCPWedge, TCP/Com, COM-File, TCP-File, and FileWedge… in addition to the advanced features of WinWedge Pro! This is one of the most powerful data acquisition toolsets available!

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100% Accurate & Reliable. Data is automatically transferred to your Windows application with complete accuracy. Eliminate mistypes and manual data entry errors!

Advanced Parsing & Formatting. WinWedge includes powerful data parsing capabilities so you only collect the data that you need. Format and filter the data to tailer it for your application.

Highly Configurable & Flexible. Works across all industries with thousands of devices including serial, TCP/IP*, and USB & Bluetooth virtual COM port devices. *TCPWedge only

Total Device Control. Take control of your device by sending it serial commands either automatically on a timed interval or by pressing a hotkey or button.

Main Product Lines:

  1. Data Collection and Communication Software
  2. Barcode Software and Developmental Tools


RS232 Data Collection Software

Data collection software for serial devices, including meters, balances, scales or any RS232 instrument. Capture data directly to Excel, Access or any Windows application or web page and even automate and control your device through hot keys, buttons, or DDE.


RS232 Data Logging Software

Log data directly to a disk file from up to 16 RS232 serial devices simultaneously.


Log File Data Collection Software

FileWedge is a branch of the WinWedge suite of applications that is specifically designed to collect data from disk files, including most standard CSV files.


Flexible Serial (RS232) to Ethernet (TCP/IP) Interface Software

Easily access a serial device via a TCP/IP or UDP network or redirect Ethernet/IP data to real or “Virtual” RS232 serial ports. This allows you to use existing Windows-based serial RS232 communications software to send and receive data across any TCP/IP network.


Barcode Scanner Data Collection Software

Scan data from most serial barcode scanners directly into the selected field of any Windows application or web page form.


Windows CE Data Collection Software

Input data from any RS232 serial instrument directly into the highlighted field of any Windows Mobile (CE) program.


TCP/IP Data Collection Software

TCPWedge is a branch of the WinWedge suite of applications that is specifically designed to collect data from networked devices. TCPWedge has all of the advanced features of WinWedge Pro and is included only in the WinWedge Professional Suite.


TCP/IP Data Logging Software

Log data directly to a disk file from any number of TCP/IP ports.

TalTech Technologies

TAL Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of data acquisition and barcoding software for a wide variety of industries and has been providing software solutions since 1985. The first versions of its two most popular products, WinWedge™ (originally SoftwareWedge) for data collection and B-Coder® for bar coding applications were first released in 1989 and 1990, respectively. Since that time these products have been enhanced greatly and many new software products added to form our two major product lines.


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