Streamline and automate your data collection with our reliable & proven RS232, USB, and Ethernet software.

Collect Data

from any serial, weight, or scan device directly into any Windows app.

Redirect Data

between real or virtual RS232 / COM ports and Ethernet locations.

Make Barcodes

in any format for documents, labels, and more.

Minimal, geometric styled diagram displaying multiple nondescript professional instrument devices sending data directly into a Windows using TALtech software. The devices depicted here are a scale, caliper, and gauge device connected to a network.
App icon for WinWedge Standard software

WinWedge® Standard >

Send data from any RS232/USB device (e.g., scales, balances) to any Windows app or form.

Icon for WinWedge Pro.

WinWedge® Pro >

All Standard features with added support for network-connected devices & more powerful data and device control.

Icon for TCP-Com

TCP-Com® >

Redirect network data to virtual COM ports, share RS232/USB device data over a network, and more.

Icon for HID-ScaleWedge

HID-ScaleWedge® >

Collect data from postage & package scales using the USB-HID interface.

Icon for BC-Wedge

BC-Wedge® >

Easily collect single-field data from simple scales & gages to any Windows app or form.

App icon for B-Coder Pro.

B-Coder Pro® >

Generate premium barcode graphics, integrate barcoding into Word, or save barcodes as images or vector graphics.


TAL Technologies, Inc. (TALtech) is a leading provider of data acquisition and barcoding software for a wide variety of industries.

For over 30 years our customer’s satisfaction has been our priority. Our software solutions are completely reliable, versatile and easy to use and we aim to provide outstanding customer service and support.

TALtech’s software products are sold directly worldwide from our offices in Philadelphia, PA.

Our Industries

Laboratories and Scientific
Quality Control
Cannabis Compliance
Farming & Fishing
Process Control
Manufacturing Automation
Government and Military

Our Users

TALtech’s software is being used by thousands of companies worldwide.
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We offer an unconditional 90-day guarantee and lifetime free technical support with every software purchase.

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