Utilities, Macros, and Supplemental Files

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Free Utilities

Renamer (with VB Source Code)
Automatically rename files at a regular time or date. Useful for people who want to save data to files continuously using the WinWedge or TCP-Wedge, but want to change the file name at the end of the each day. Now a 32-bit MDI application that minimizes to the system tray.
Virtual Null Modem
Create two virtual RS232 serial ports that are connected directly to each other as if they were two physical RS232 ports connected by a null modem cable.

Macros & Files for Data Transfer (“-Wedge”) Software

Excel Workbook with WinWedge DDE Examples
This Workbook contains examples to request multiple fields of data from WinWedge, request data from multiple WinWedge instances simultaneously, request a single field of data and place it in the activet cell, and several examples of how to send data out the serial port from Excel. (Workbook v 2.0.3)
Excel Basic Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet
Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. When used in conjunction with BC-Wedge or WinWedge this allows you to add to, remove from and look up products just by scanning a bar code (Keyboard Wedge interface, and manual data entry also supported)
Send Email from Excel
Send emails from your Excel worksheet based on WinWedge data.
Access Database with WinWedge DDE Examples
This database demonstrates how to set up Access to use DDE with WinWedge. This includes, transmitting data out of the serial port, reading data into a table, reading data into a form and launching and terminating WinWedge.
Access Basic Inventory Tracking Database
This example demonstrates how to use Access in conjunction with a barcode scanner to look up product information and increment/decrement how many of that product are currently in stock.
Visual Basic 6 Application with WinWedge DDE Examples
Download a sample VB program that demonstrates the linking a text box to a field in WinWedge, opening and closing WinWedge, and more.
Visual Basic .NET Application with WinWedge DDE Examples
Sample application for Visual Basic .NET with examples designed to collect data from a WinWedge instance.

Macros & Files for B-Coder Pro

Microsoft Word 2007 and Newer Add-Ins for B-Coder Pro
A collection of B-Coder macros designed for Microsoft Word 2007 and newer. These macros include the ability to instantly convert text to barcodes, make barcode labels, and merge a pre-extisting database into Word labels.
Access Example for B-Coder
Working demonstration on how to use B-Coder Pro to generate barcode images in an Access database.

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