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Collect Serial Device Data (RS232 / USB) into Any Windows app or field
Diagram showing WinWedge collecting data from RS232 and USB scales, balances, meters, gages and other RS232 and USB devices into Excel and any Windows application

WinWedge software inputs data from any RS232, USB or Ethernet output device (including scales and balances) directly into Excel, or any Windows application. It can also transmit prompts or commands to control your instruments.

Only $299 for WinWedge Standard
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WinWedge Standard
Send RS232/COM data to any Windows app or form
Automated Data Collection

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your data collection process. Send commands to control your devices on timed intervals, or with keyboard shortcuts or onscreen buttons.

Advanced Parsing & Formatting

Only collect the data that you need with powerful data parsing capabilities. Tailor your data to fit your destination application or form with our precise formatting and filtering settings.

Highly Configurable & Flexible

WinWedge is used across many industries. It supports thousands of devices and connection methods including serial, USB (via RS232), Bluetooth (via virtual COM port), and local networks (TCP/IP).

Industry-tested Accuracy & Reliability

Device data is automatically transferred to your Windows application with 100% accuracy. Perfect for process control, quality control, pharmaceutical and other “mission critical” data.

WinWedge Features

WinWedge easily collects data from balances, scales, gages, meters, gages, sensors, and measuring devices and laboratory instruments. 

Designed to be highly flexible, WinWedge can easily parse, filter and format your device data before inputting the data into any of your Windows applications. In other words, WinWedge is an easily customizable serial I/O device driver.

WinWedge comes in both Standard and Professional versions.

Wondering how WinWedge can help with your data transfer and automation needs?

Compatible Devices

WinWedge Standard collects data from serial, RS232, and RS232-via-USB professional instruments.

  • Balances and Scales
  • Meters
  • Gauges
  • Calipers
  • Sensors

WinWedge Pro is compatible with a wider range of devices than WinWedge Standard. It supports devices with longer and more complex data output, network/Ethernet-connected devices, and RS232 and USB devices. WinWedge Pro also offers more control options and can handle binary, hexadecimal, and ASCII output.

Easy Setup

Select your device’s parameters.

WinWedge connection options.

Connect your device to your PC’s serial or USB* port and select your device’s communications settings, such as the COM port, baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits.
*Be sure to install any necessary drivers.

Preview & define the data structure.

WinWedge Standard record definition editor.

Walkthrough menus allow you to tailor the data to your needs by splitting the record into multiple fields, filtering out characters, or formatting the data as needed.
Easily define hot keys and buttons to send serial commands to your device or control WinWedge.

Choose your transfer method and activate!

Data sent to columns in Microsoft Excel.

Select from either Keystrokes Mode or DDE Server Mode and activate WinWedge. Watch as the real-time data from your device pops into your Windows. You can even do real-time data charting and analysis in applications such as Excel.

Feature List: WinWedge Standard vs. Pro Versions

WinWedge Pro is compatible with more devices and offers more powerful data parsing, formatting, filtering, and control features.

Supported connection types WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Serial Devices (e.g., RS232, RS485)
USB devices with virtual COM port drivers (RS232 via USB)
TCP/IP (network) devices
Maximum number of simultaneous connections
Support for high-speed 16550 UARTs and all IRQs
Support for up to 115,200 baud communications
Preview and test your device configuration WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Preview the raw data output from your device
A powerful Serial Data Analyzer feature allows you to preview serial data and adjust communications settings. Customize parameters such as baud rate (110-115,000); data bits (5, 6, 7, 8); stop bits (1 or 2); parity (even, odd, mark, space, or none); and flow control (hardware or software).
Create virtual devices
Activate in Virtual Instrument Mode to create a virtual device.
Resize the Analyze window for long data records
Allows you to view long data records in the Analyze Window.
Transfer data to any Windows app or form WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Transfer data via keystrokes to any Windows application
Send data to any windows program directly to the location of your cursor or a selected area.
Transfer data via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) in supported Windows applications
Transfer data through the background to any Windows program that accepts DDE commands, such as Microsoft Excel and Access.
Automatically Update a Chart in Excel
Log data down a column or row in Excel and watch your graph update automatically.
Insert data into an Access form or table
Automatically send device data to a specific form field in Access, even if the user doesn’t have it selected.
Selectively ignore fields and filter numeric data
Input only the data you need, ignoring the rest.
Split data into multiple fields
Format incoming serial data before passing it on to another app, tailoring it to appear exactly as needed by the receiving application.
Send additional keystrokes to your application
Define keystrokes like "Enter" or "Tab" to be sent to your application along with your device’s data.
Date and time stamping
Place date and time stamps directly in your serial input data.
Log data to a background file while working
Collect data to a file in the background while another program is in the foreground.
Control your device from your PC WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Create onscreen buttons to send commands
Configure up to 20 buttons with specific commands for your device.
Automatic data acknowledgement
Have WinWedge send a string back to the serial device after receiving each data record.
Timer-controlled output
Configure a timer to automatically send a command, Toggle the DTR line, or issue a break signal.
Customize hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts to control WinWedge
Define up to 50 hotkeys to transmit commands or control common WinWedge functions.
Assign multiple functions to a single hotkey
Advanced features WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Filter out or translate characters before input or before transfer
Translate or remove specific characters either before WinWedge processes them or before your destination receives them from WinWedge.
Select input and output buffer sizes
Supports 128 bytes to 32K buffer size.
Advanced data parsing, filtering, and formatting
Advanced techniques to give you ultimate control of sophisticated data structures.
Apply powerful math functions
Apply standard and many advanced math functions to incoming serial data.
Translate binary or HEX data to ASCII
Communicate with devices that send data in Binary or Hex format.
Tailor data with powerful formatting functions
Format incoming serial data before passing it on to another program. Custom-tailor your data to appear in the exact format required by the receiving application.
Advanced keystroke macro insertion
Add additional keystrokes or keystroke macros before, after, or within your serial input data. Keystroke macros allow you to control where and how serial data appears in the target application program in Keystroke Mode.
Add delay before and after keystrokes
Pause between keystrokes and data to allow for the processing time of your application.
Send keystrokes to a DOS or terminal server
Send keystrokes directly into DOS windows or applications running through terminal servers.
Flexibility with Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
Access to full set of DDE commands
Precise control over all serial I/O functions directly from within your other Windows application programs.
Send a DDE command to your application
Define a single DDE Command to be sent to your application when WInWedge receives a new record.
Send multiple DDE commands to applications
Configure "Record Preamble" and "Field Postamble" DDE Commands to be sent to your application each time WinWedge receives a reading.
Create serial output buffers
Place a Serial Output Buffer directly in any application that supports DDE. For example, you can turn a cell in a spreadsheet into a serial output buffer where anything you type in that cell would be sent out through the serial port to your device.
Included helper applications WinWedge Standard WinWedge Pro
WinWedge is trusted by thousands of major companies worldwide.

Our Industries

Laboratories & Scientific Research

Quality Control

Medical Devices

Cannabis Compliance

Farming & Fishing

Process Control

Food Processing

Manufacturing Automation

Government & Military


User Application Notes

WinWedge and WinWedge Pro are used to collect all sorts of data across many industries.

Our Users

TALtech’s software is being used by thousands of major companies worldwide.
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We offer an unconditional 90-day guarantee and lifetime free technical support with every software purchase.

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Only $299 for a single PC license.

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Demos & purchases come with free, unlimited technical support.


WinWedge is licensed on a per-workstation / user basis. 

Bulk pricing is available for multi-licenses used on multiple PCs or by concurrent users when installed on a server.


Not only is WinWedge extremely easy to use, it also comes with free & unlimited technical support by phone or email. All software comes with extensive support resources.


This software can be installed on all versions of Windows with minimal system requirements.

WinWedge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes. It is extremely easy to use! The configuration process is fully menu driven and has complete, context sensitive, on-line help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications.

Once you see how easy it is to use WinWedge, you will never again take data readings by hand!

Yes, we offer two different types of upgrades: software upgrades and license upgrades.

A software upgrade is an upgrade from a lesser version number to a newer version number (ex: WinWedge Pro 3 to WinWedge Pro 4). These are generally available for a reduced cost and can be ordered online. You must have a valid serial number for the older license in order to process the upgrade.

A license upgrade is an upgrade to a higher number of allowed PCs (ex: Single to Team license). These are always available for just the difference in cost between the two licenses. Contact us to get a quote or place an order.

WinWedge Professional has many advanced features and benefits, including the ability to collect data from networked and internet devices (not just serial!), log data directly to a disk file, and allows for more powerful parsing techniques and math functions.

WinWedge Professional also bundles together many of our popular software products into one package, including TCP-Wedge, TCP-Com, File-Wedge, and more.

WinWedge transfers data to other applications by either entering it in the highlighted text field or cell (just like typing on a keyboard) or by passing the data using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange).

The keystroke method is extremely simple. Serial data just “pops” into your application as if it were being typed in! This method is the most popular as it is so easy to use.

The DDE method enables to you to transfer data in the background and create extremely sophisticated data acquisition and device control interfaces.

WinWedge also lets you add additional keystrokes or DDE commands and, if your application supports it (like Excel) you can even automate real-time data charting and analysis.

Yes, we provide a demo version of WinWedge Pro for testing & evaluation purposes only.

All features are available in this version, including TCP-Wedge. However, it will always display the About window while it is running and the About window cannot be closed. While in an activated state, it is limited to 10-minute sessions. If you wish to continue using it after that time has expired, you need to quit, restart, and re-activate the demo.

As the demo is for evaluation purposes only, it may not be transferred or distributed to anyone else, nor used in any commercial application.

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