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Professional Barcode-Generating Software

Easily Generate Barcodes for use in MS Word or any other application with B-Coder Pro software

B-Coder Pro easily generates professional-quality barcode graphics and inserts them into any document, label, or graphic in applications like Photoshop, Word, Access, or Excel. B-Coder supports all types of barcodes including retail, document tracking, inventory, driver’s licenses and countless other applications & industries.

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Create professional, high-quality barcodes

Easy to Use

B-Coder Pro automatically calculates check digits and all parameters, it displays a preview and copies the barcode to the clipboard!

Flexible Customization

The freedom to choose your own size, colors, and fonts and the power to select advanced parameters such as rotation, bearer bars, quiet zones and the any popular graphic format.

Professional Quality

Highest quality barcodes in all popular symbologies (types), including 2-D barcodes, for your record-keeping, retail, or industrial application.

Printer-Friendly & Readable

Print directly to any printer and set printer-friendly options to help ensure all your barcodes are perfect and 100% readable.


B-Coder lets you quickly and easily create and customize your perfect barcodes. Select from an array of popular symbologies to create professional barcodes for industries such as retail, inventory, and healthcare. You can even create 2D barcodes such as QR or PDF417 codes for driver’s licenses, documents, and more.

Simply enter a message, double click your mouse and your barcodes are instantly displayed on screen and copied to the clipboard for pasting into other programs. You can also save barcode images to files in most image formats including vector formats (.JPG, .TIF, .PNG, and many others).

Typical use cases include…

  • Generating high-quality barcode graphics
  • Generating business, industrial, and marketing barcodes
  • Customizing all aspects of your barcodes
  • Integrating with Microsoft Word

Wondering how B-Coder can help with your barcode and label production needs?

Supported Barcodes

B-Coder Pro can generate many barcode types, including…

1D Linear Barcodes

  • Code 39 (Normal & Full ASCII)
  • UPC-A (12 digit)
  • UPC-E (6 digit)
  • UPC-E1
  • EAN-8 & EAN-13
  • Bookland
  • Interweaved 2 of 5
  • Discrete 2 of 5
  • CodaBar
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • GS1 128 (formally EAN/UCC 128)
  • PostNet
  • BPO 4 State Code

2D Matrix Barcodes

  • QR Code
  • PDF417
  • Aztec Code
  • Data Matrix
  • MSI Plessey
  • GS1 Databar Omnidiretional (formally RSS-14)
  • GS1 Databar Stacked
  • GS1 Databar Stacked Omnidirectional

Microsoft Word Integration

Advanced features of B-Coder Pro allow you to automate barcode production and labeling right from within Microsoft Word.

Merge database data directly into labels

Bring your database information directly into barcodes in labels or Word documents.

Automate sequenced barcode labels

Create different barcodes with fixed sequencing patterns and more.

Prompt for barcodes

Streamline your barcode-making workflow by setting up prompts for on-demand barcode generation.

Convert text into barcodes

Instantly convert selected text in a Word document into barcodes using your customized parameters.

Easy Setup

Select your barcode type.

B-Coder Pro symbology selection menu.

B-Coder supports UPC, QR code, Code 39, PDF 417, EAN/UCC, Code 128, and countless more symbologies.

Enter the data you want to turn into a barcode.

B-Coder Pro barcode customization.
Add any text you want to appear with your barcode. Customize the height, width, and magnification—or leave as the default. You can also configure other options such as rotation, bearer bars and quiet zones.

Double-click to generate your barcode!

B-Coder will generate your barcode and copy it to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications. You can also save the barcode in any popular format (e.g., .JPG, .TIF, .PNG, etc.) and import it.

Feature List


Generate common barcodes

Create many common 1D Linear barcodes such as Code 39, UPC and others.

Generate business, industrial, and marketing barcodes

Create most barcodes including UPC, Code 128, GS1, Interleaved 2 of 5, Data Matrix, PDF417 and more.

Preview barcodes

Easily see a preview of all barcode changes so you can make adjustments, print, or paste into another program.

Add captions and modify appearance

Maintain a professional or personal image by modifying a barcode’s color, change the font of the text, add a caption, a background color, bearer bars, and more.

Control Advanced Parameters

Control every aspect of a barcode like bar height, narrow bar width, resolution and symbology specific settings like module width, error correction, compression, etc.

Print barcodes

Print barcode images directly from B-Coder or paste / open the barcodes into any label or graphics application for printing inside your own labels and designs.

Save barcodes as raster image

Save your barcodes as .bmp, .gif, .tif, and more. (B-Coder Pro adds .jpg and .png)

Save barcodes as vector graphics

Save barcodes as high quality Windows Metafiles (.wmf)

DDE Command Set

Allow other Windows programs to automatically generate and retrieve barcodes.

Convert highlighted text to barcode

Prompt user for barcode data

Create many copies of the same barcode label

Auto-sequence barcode label numbers

Merge data from Excel or other file into barcode labels

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