“I’ve had nothing but tremendous experiences with your sales/support teams and I’ve been very happy with my WinWedge purchase. I expect to be purchasing one of your Barcode programs in the very near future. There are a lot of options available, but your support staff have convinced me to come back for your products without question. Matthew and Tom have both been absolute joys to work with and both have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me. I have not experienced this level of customer care virtually anywhere else…”

Brian Ott, USDA

“I used WinWedge PRO to interface to as many as 16 balances at one time. The data went into Excel and was used to validate a Home Dialysis instrument. The software was easy to use, the Excel import was awesome and I just have to say that you have excellent Support Staff! In very little time I was able to set up a very powerful data collection system without having to know too much code or a specialized system.”

Michael Ban, Baxter Healthcare

“May I say a very great “thank you” for the way in which you sorted out my problem with the Code 128 barcodes. You responded very quickly- we are 8 hours ahead of you here in the UK and by the time I got to work this morning you had not only found the problem, you had gone beyond that & actually fixed the spreadsheet for me. I have spent today successfully printing & merging thousands of barcodes!”

Julian Ward, Sapphire GB Ltd, UK

“TALtech support was incredibly fast to respond to my questions and went way beyond my expectations, ultimately solving my problem when I was really in a pinch!”

Bill Cumley, San Diego Computer Consultants

“Thank you very much! I have installed the templates and they are being used as we speak. I want to call you personally in a couple of days when I’m back in the office. Your assistance was absolutely invaluable to Delco.”

Jim Melrose, Controller, Delco Machine & Gear

“Your excellent product, WinWedge, works as advertised. It’s nice to know that the technical support is not just a website promise.”

Tammy Jackson, Datanet, Raleigh, NC

“Thank You for your amazingly fast response. It is always a pleasure dealing with you people.”


“Excellent, easy to use package.”

Gary Box, Senior Design Engineer, Graco Inc

“From one technician to the other: You did a great job. Our company made the right decision to buy the WinWedge program. Thanks again”

Jürgen Keck

“I just wanted to let you know that the program you sent me works great. After reviewing the subroutines/macros you added I was able to figure out how to add the seconds into a separate column and I have a much better understanding of how to put the data in the cell desired. The main reason I’m writing you back, though, is to say thanks. You surprised me with how quick you responded to my problem and your help and expertise was/is much appreciated.”

Ladd Callow, TG Missouri

“Thanks for all your help, you have gone beyond anything I would have expected from a software help desk, and it is very much appreciated.”

Tim Burrell, Pure Fishing

“Your Technical Support has been Great!”

Mark Skinner, 3M

“Works Great!”

John Zink, Hewlett Packard

“Very Cool.”

Stephen Bailey, Quality Alarm Service

“Easy to Implement, Excellent value.”

Anton Ruepp, SR Technics, Ltd.

“We are extremely thrilled with the B-Coder Pro and WinWedge software. They have exceeded all our expectations and integrate with Microsoft Office to an unequaled degree. These products provide a huge time savings – daily.”

Walter Moran, Agbar Tech Inc

“Great Product – What a time saver! We’ll be buying more.”

Wes Prais, Becton Dickinson

“This product has saved me many programming hours.”

Glenn Dixon, Analytical Lab

“Great product. We’ll be buying additional copies for new systems.”

Martin Bishop, Allied Signal Aerospace

“Excellent package, easy-to-use, a great time-saver.”

John Ambrose, J.Roy Gordon Research Lab

“Excellent program, easy to learn, with a wide range of applications.”

Tom Mirris, Florida Production Engineering

“You guys wrote the best software I’ve ever seen”

Keith Sweet, Magnum Tech

“Loved It! Easy Setup.”

Bob Neves, Microtek Labs

“As our young engineer said, ‘this software kicked major butt!'”

Ken Batterson, Alcan Packaging

“Excellent Software Package!”

Paddy Mallon, Teagasc, Grange R & D Center

“Works Great.”

Kit Wilson, Sr. Systems Analyst, Boeing

“I appreciate the ease of use and direct link to Excel.”

J Seitz, President, Clinical Research Services

“I have to tell you what a wonderful staff and support people your company has. I hope we need more of your products. Thanks for all of your help.”

Russel Gregory, Da-Tronics Inc, Massillon, Ohio

“I have contact now with four of your representatives and found you all to be excellent. The technical support was extremely prompt. I emailed the files to him and within 45 min. they were returned to me with the ‘fix’. I recently ran across someone doing a ‘bar-code’ project and was glad to be able to highly recommend that he check out TALtech products. Thanks again!”

David Derr, Toolex, Inc

“Great Software! Solves many comm. problems.”

Steve Biela, Elf Atochem North America, Inc

“WinWedge is the Swiss Army Knife of software. You can do almost anything with it!”

Hank Meewis, Hunter Douglas

“A brilliant concept, easy-to-use, well documented.”

Terry Jones, Data Electronic

“A great program with many possibilities.”

Mikael Bystrom, Ericsson Anslutningsstems AB


David Hole, Assistant Professor, Utah State University

“Your assistance with making our macro program work in Microsoft Excel using WinWedge32 software aided us to capture the data we were looking for. I appreciate what you did for us in taking the software, realizing what we needed, and enabling us here at Custom Filter to make something really special. It’s not often you find a vender or person within the industry who is willing to go the distance that you did. Everyone around here is happy with the Data Collection Software that you helped make possible. When I thought I had hit a brick wall, you pulled us through and made it perform better than expected. Thanks again for your help and for making a wonderful program.”

Matthew Powell, Custom Filter

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for all the wonderful technical support you have provided 3M and myself. You have helped advance our technology significantly. We currently are using WinWedge to collect data from a Thwing Albert Slip/Peel Tester and an IMASS SP-2000 Peel Test. The IMASS company claimed that we could not collect data from their equipment without their software. Thank you for proving them wrong. You have saved us time and money in making our test equipment more efficient. I look forward to using your software in the future as we update our equipment with computers and software to collect data.”

Barb Schmotter, 3M Corp

“WinWedge allows us to perform an extremely important function, one that we rely on for doing data conversions. I also appreciate TALtech’s commitment to the “no-charge” tech support concept. I now know what A+ Tech Support means!”

J Alonzo Rosado, President, Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc.

“Very Powerful and Easy to Use.”

Ken Parks, Combustion Consultants

“WinWedge has worked fantastic. It’s also so nice when you can call tech support and you actually get someone who goes above and beyond what you had hoped for. I look forward to working TALtech in the future.”

Damian Jelich, Medtronic

“We are very pleased with the software and its ease of use. We would recommend it to anyone requiring serial transfer into existing programs.”

Travis Perry, Crest Industries

“I got a lead on WinWedge from another user. I bought the software and it works GREAT! I love this program! It has saved me hours of research and programming time! Well worth it!”

Ed Grainger, Hamilton, Ontario

“Thank you for your very prompt and detailed reply. If only all vendors are as helpful as you are.”

Niall Godwin, GlaxoSmithKline, Cork, Ireland

“PERFECT! Let me say and please pass this along, your company’s support and product are without equal! I would like to think that our customer service operates the same.”

Mike McNamara, OCS Technologies Inc

“Your support person went well beyond the call of duty to solve a problem I had about getting a Rotronics temperature – humidity instrument to read into WinWedge and then display into Excel. His help is greatly appreciated.Thanks for the help!”

John Gunnell, Bell Helicopter Textron

“I want to thank you for your marvelous support. It worked!!! It’s very nice to feel that we made a good decision by purchasing [the] TALtech ActiveX product.”

Eylem Zagli, Software Specialist, TNT International Express

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