Our Industries

TALtech has been providing software solutions since 1985. The first versions of its two most popular products, the SoftwareWedge™ (now WinWedge®) for data collection and B-Coder® for barcoding applications, were first released in 1989 and 1990, respectively. Since then these products have been enhanced greatly and now represent two major product lines.

WinWedge, TCP-Wedge, TCP-Com and our other RS232 and TCP/IP-based data collection and communication software programs are used in any industry were accurate real-time data collection from devices or instruments is essential. These software products are used most extensively by the following industries:

  • Laboratories and Scientific – from university research to pharmaceutical lab instrument data collection.
  • Quality Control – collecting data from precision measuring instruments in all types of manufacturing environments.
  • Process Control – data acquisition from chemical and paper plants to water treatment.
  • Medical – collecting data from EKGs to controlling robotics.
  • Cannabis Compliance – automate secure weight data collection  for growers and distributors
  • Manufacturing Automation – collecting data from serial or IP-connected devices to inputting it into MMIs (HMIs).
  • Farming and fishing – from automatically weighing tagged cattle to using GPS with ultrasound to find fish.
  • Food Processing – collecting temperature and weight data from baking bread to freezing fish.
  • Engineering – civil, environmental, structural, mechanical, aerospace and electrical – from structural test data collection to controlling valves.
  • Research – from deep water research in robotic submarines to high altitude data collection.
  • Government and Military – from flight instrument data collection to missile launch control.
  • Telephony and Data Communications – from PBX data collection to dialing modems over IP networks
  • Internet data entry – from serial and TCP/IP connected devices or from inputting data from files directly into any web form or application.
  • Retail and Warehouse Data Collection – from barcoding to RFID.

B-Coder Pro, Barcode ActiveX Control, and Barcode DLLs software are used where easy, accurate and reliable professional-quality barcodes are needed. Such as:

  • Finance, business and insurance – barcoding of records and documents.
  • Retail and warehouse – barcoding of products for tracking.
  • Medical – barcoding of medical records.
  • Government and Military – barcoding of items and documents for tracking.
  • Research – barcoding of samples.
  • Graphic design – adding print-quality barcodes to product designs.
  • Industrial – barcoding of parts.

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