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Running WinWedge in the Background

It is possible to work with another program while WinWedge is running on the same PC. There are several ways that you can set up WinWedge to work. If you simply want to log data to a disk file, you can set up WinWedge in "Log To Disk" mode and all data will be logged to a disk file in the background while you work with some other program in the foreground. In a similar manner, you can set up WinWedge to communicate with another application using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). With DDE, again, all operations occur in the background so you can have WinWedge and the application that is receiving data from the Wedge running in the background while you work with another program in the foreground.

WinWedge can also be configured to convert incoming serial data to "keystrokes" and therefore trick other programs into accepting the incoming serial data as if it were being typed in on the keyboard. In order for this to work correctly, the other application must be running in the foreground, which makes it more difficult to work with a separate application while collecting data with the Wedge.

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Last Updated: 2011.07.04

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