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WinWedge DDE Commands

There are two ways to issue DDE commands to the Wedge: either by issuing them directly from another application's macro or programming language or you can establish a "Command Source DDE Link" between another application and the Wedge and then issue commands by entering the command in the DDE Command source location (a cell in a spreadsheet for example).

Warning! DDE commands will only execute if WinWedge has been activated.
DDE Command Function / Description
[APPEXIT] Exits WinWedge
[APPMINIMIZE] Minimizes WinWedge Window
[APPNORMAL] Opens WinWedge Window
[BEEP] Causes WinWedge to Beep once
[BREAK] Issues a Serial Break signal
[CLEAR] Clears all input data fields in WinWedge Window
[COPYFIELD(n)] Copies the data field "n" into the Windows clipboard
[COPYDATE] Copies the date/time display field into the clipboard
[COPYRECNUM] Copies the record number display field into the clipboard
[SUSPEND] Suspends WinWedge
[RESUME1] Resumes WinWedge for one data record
[RESUME] Resumes WinWedge
[RESET] Flushes all buffers and resets WinWedge
[RTS=ON] Sets the serial port RTS line on
[RTS=OFF] Sets the serial port RTS line off
[DTR=ON] Sets the serial port DTR line on
[DTR=OFF] Sets the serial port DTR line off
[TOGGLEDTR] Toggles the serial port DTR line for 100 ms
[SEND(text)] Sends the text in parentheses out the serial port
[SENDCODE(n)] Sends the character with ASCII code "n" out the serial port
[SENDDATE(format)] Sends the date or time out the serial port using a specified Date/Time format string
[SENDFILE(filename)] Sends the contents of the specified file out the serial port
[SENDOUT('text',n...)] Sends text and control codes out the serial port. Text must be supplied as quoted strings using single quotes and control codes must be supplied as ASCII values. Text and control codes may be combined in any combination with individual elements separated by commas. Ex. [SENDOUT('Test',13,10)] sends the word Test followed by a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line feed (ASCII 10)
[PUSH(button caption)] Pushes a button in WinWedge Window. The button is specified using its caption. The specified caption should be the same as that entered when it was originally defined including ampersands
[CONFIG(filename)] Reconfigures the Software Wedge. "filename" specifies the configuration file to use and must include the filename extension and the full drive and directory path if it is not in the current directory. You may not specify a configuration that uses a different serial port than the one currently in use
[STRIPCRLF-ON] Enables / Disables stripping carriage return - linefeeds
[STRIPCRLF-OFF] from data supplied through an Output Buffer DDE Link
[TIMER-ON] Enables / Disables sending of timed automatic output
[TIMER-OFF] strings
[TIMERINTERVAL=n] Changes the timing interval (ms) for timed automatic output strings to the value n (between 1 and 9,999,999)
[PASTE-COMMAND] Pastes a DDE Command Link using data in the clipboard
[REFRESH-COMMAND] Refreshes the last DDE Command Link defined
[TERMINATE-COMMAND] Terminates any active DDE Command Link
[PASTE-BUFFER] Pastes an Output Buffer Link using data in the clipboard
[REFRESH-BUFFER] Refreshes the last Output Buffer DDE Link defined
[TERMINATE-BUFFER] Terminates any active Output Buffer DDE Link

Note: All DDE commands must be enclosed in square brackets.

When sending DDE commands to the Wedge from another program, use the DDE Application Name "WinWedge" and the DDE Topic "COMn" where "n" is the number of the serial port that WinWedge is installed for. A DDE Item is not required when sending DDE commands to the Wedge.

Note: WinWedge does not have to be in "DDE Server Mode" in order to accept and process DDE commands. The Wedge will still execute any DDE commands sent to it even if it is in "Send Keystrokes Mode" or "Log To Disk Mode".

Categories: Powerful Automation (DDE), Data Collection, Serial (RS232), WinWedge

Last Updated: 2013.11.01

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