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Customer Testimonials

"SoftwareWedge is the Swiss Army Knife of software. You can do almost anything with it!"
Hank Meewis, Hunter Douglas

"A brilliant concept, easy-to-use, well documented."
Terry Jones, Data Electronic

"A great program with many possibilities."
Mikael Bystrom, Ericsson Anslutningsstems AB

David Hole, Assistant Professor, Utah State University

"Very Powerful and Easy to Use."
Ken Parks, Combustion Consultants

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for all the wonderful technical support you have provided 3M and myself. You have helped advance our technology significantly. We currently are using WinWedge to collect data from a Thwing Albert Slip/Peel Tester and an IMASS SP-2000 Peel Test. The IMASS company claimed that we could not collect data from their equipment without their software. Thank you for proving them wrong. You have saved us time and money in making our test equipment more efficient. I look forward to using your software in the future as we update our equipment with computers and software to collect data."
Barb Schmotter, 3M Corp

"WinWedge allows us to perform an extremely important function, one that we rely on for doing data conversions. I also appreciate TALtech's commitment to the "no-charge" tech support concept. I now know what A+ Tech Support means!"
J Alonzo Rosado, President, Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc.

"WinWedge has worked fantastic. It's also so nice when you can call tech support and you actually get someone who goes above and beyond what you had hoped for. I look forward to working TALtech in the future."
Damian Jelich, Medtronic

"We are very pleased with the software and its ease of use. We would recommend it to anyone requiring serial transfer into existing programs."
Travis Perry, Crest Industries

"I got a lead on WinWedge from another user. I bought the software and it works GREAT! I love this program! It has saved me hours of research and programming time! Well worth it!"
Ed Grainger, Hamilton, Ontario


"I must say, your tech support is second to none. I have never had a better experience with programmable software tech support than with TALtech, amazing!"

Daniel DeBlanc The Way Inc.

"There is not a person I would rather recommend to someone than you. Boy, if every support person was like you, people would have to learn to speak without curse words, the average blood pressure of users/customers would drop significantly, etc.. I'd be more than happy to talk with any potential users (of TALtech software)."

Tom Barth PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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