Collecting Liquor Inventory Weights with BC-Wedge and Bar-i intelligent inventory

Bar-i intelligent inventory is a liquor inventory service which assists bar and restaurants increase their profits by using their liquor inventory as an effective liquor cost control rather than simply to calculate their liquor cost. It is typical in the bar business for bars to experience inventory shrinkage of 20%. Bar-i intelligent inventory provides a cost effective way for bars to turn this loss into profit.

The Bar-i liquor inventory system needs the ability to accurately compare how much product was used with to how much product was rung into the bar’s POS (point-of-sale) system.

In order to accurately account for how much product is used at a bar, Bar-i’s staff weighs all open liquor containers so they can accurately calculate exactly how much product is on hand. A typical bar will have anywhere upwards of 100 bottles which have to be weighed. By accurately weighing bottles, we are able to compare the exact amount of liquor sold (as shown by the bar’s POS system) and the amount used over a period of time to show if there has been any “shrinkage”.

Bar-i  was able to develop its own liquor inventory system using BC-Wedge and MS Excel at a fraction of the cost of other liquor inventory solutions. The BC-Wedge software works seamlessly in the background and allows Bar-i  to accurately and efficiently record product weights by having them written directly into Excel.

For weighing the bottles, Bar-i currently uses the Ohaus Scout Pro SP6000 scale with the add-on USB attachment so that they can connect them directly to the USB ports of their PCs. They usually use Lenovo Windows-based PCs as they have found them to be very high quality as well as the X220 being small with a very long battery life.

Jamie Edwards from Bar-i intelligent inventory told us, “Our business would not exist in its current form without BC-Wedge. Aside from the functionality of the software, we like working with TALtech because anytime we have questions, or need to purchase an additional license, we call them directly and speak with knowledgeable, helpful, US-based representatives.

If you would like to learn more about Bar-i intelligent inventory, please visit their web site and watch a product demo video at

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