Motorola Inc

  • 100% data accuracy
  • Ability to interface to mainframe system
  • Cost effective solution
  • Ability to interface multiple instruments simultaneously

Motorola Inc., Phoenix, AZ, is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of microprocessors. As there is no margin for error in semiconductor manufacturing, Motorola has developed a strict quality control system to ensure consistency and accuracy. The system uses highly sensitive instruments (including Prometrix VP10, RS50 and SM200) to measure wafer resistivity and oxidation thickness. This data is fed into a computerized statistical process control system running on a VAX mainframe during the production of semiconductors to ensure accurate quality control.

Jim Paschal, a Software Engineer at Motorola, wanted to input the data from the various serial output gages into their VAX process control system. They considered manual data entry too slow, costly and error-prone for this task. Custom serial interface programs between the various instruments and their VAX application were considered, but these would have been time consuming and costly to produce.

The final solution was to capture the data from these serial output gages and read the data directly via WinWedge Standard version from TAL Technologies, Inc. (800-722-6004, into a terminal emulator on IBM compatible PCs. The terminal emulator (Reflection by WRQ, Seattle, WA, 206-324-0407, transfers the data from the PCs to the VAX mainframe for data analysis and collection. Paschal noted that WinWedge was quickly and easily set-up to collect real-time data from the many specialized quality control instruments and transfer this critical information via the terminal emulator to the VAX mainframe. WinWedge is installed on multiple com ports on single PCs further simplifying the task of data acquisition from many different devices simultaneously. The automated system ensures Motorola quality control during semiconductor manufacturing.

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