The Moderna Group

The Moderna Group is a wheat-products manufacturing company. The company owns the second largest bakery in Ecuador, two flour mills, and at the same time is a bread improvement ingedient producer. By the year 2000, The Moderna Group, plans to start production of baby food products.

The Moderna Group uses the WinWedge software in several applications. In one instance, a Mettler-Toledo Jaguar Scale is used as a weighing-recipe system. A Jaguar is a powerful, easy to use scale instrument for factory automation and is used to design, build, install, start-up, operate, and maintain reliable systems. This device allows control over both the consumption of recipes and raw materials. WinWedge is used to collect data sent by the Jaguar and input that data real-time to an Informix database running on a Windows PC. The real consumption is compared against the database.

In another instance, a Mettler-Toledo Digital Scale sends quality control weight data to a Windows PC running WinWedge. WinWedge inputs this data real-time into Excel. For quality assurance purposes, a statistical spreadsheet is designed to record statistical weights of products. According to Mr. Pablo Coronel, “I have used WinWedge in several applications and have found the manual to be particularly helpful”.

Overview of the systems

System 1

  • Mettler-Toledo Jaguar scale collects data from a weighing-recipe system.
  • This data is send via an RS232 cable to the Windows PC running WinWedge.
  • WinWedge inputs this recipe data real-time into an Informix database for quality control monitoring and storage.

System 2

  • Mettler-Toledo digital scale sends quality control weight data via an RS232 cable to a Windows PC running WinWedge.
  • WinWedge inputs the scale data in real-time into an Excel spreadsheet for statistical analysis.

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