Custom Software Development

Are you looking to streamline your data collection and analysis processes? TALtech offers powerful software solutions and expert support to help you integrate data from serial, USB, and TCP/IP devices into your existing workflows.

Flexible Software for Data Acquisition

Our flagship product, WinWedge, is a versatile data acquisition software that seamlessly connects your devices to applications like Excel, Access, and other Windows programs. With WinWedge, you can:

  • Automatically collect data from virtually any instrument or sensor
  • Parse and format data to fit your specific needs
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors and boost productivity
  • Emulate keystrokes to send data to any application

WinWedge can go beyond keystroke input with advanced capabilities:

WinWedge’s true strength lies in its advanced capabilities:

1. Powerful Macros: Create sophisticated automation routines that can:

  • Trigger complex actions based on incoming data
  • Perform calculations and data transformations on-the-fly
  • Interact with multiple applications simultaneously

2. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE): Enable real-time, bidirectional communication between WinWedge and other applications:

  • Update spreadsheets instantly as new data arrives
  • Send commands from your applications back to your instruments
  • Create responsive, interconnected systems that adapt to your data in real-time

This versatility allows you to create custom, automated workflows that perfectly match your unique processes, regardless of the complexity of your data acquisition needs.

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Expert support for seamless integration

While we no longer offer full custom software development, our experienced team provides valuable support to help you maximize the potential of our software:

  • Guidance on creating and optimizing custom DDEs and macros
  • Advice on developing spreadsheets that work seamlessly with our products
  • Assistance with complex workflow automation
  • Remote support for integrating our software into your unique processes

Our Philadelphia-based support team is available during regular business hours to help you leverage the full power of TALtech solutions. We’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of WinWedge’s versatile capabilities.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, research, laboratory settings, or any field requiring precise data collection and complex data workflows, TALtech’s software and support can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our solutions adapt to your processes, not the other way around.

Contact us today to discover how WinWedge’s powerful features and our expert support can transform your data acquisition and integration processes.

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