Data Acquisition and Barcoding Software

Starting at $299.00

TALtech serves many markets with highly successful applications worldwide in: Process Control, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Laboratories and Scientific/Medical Research, Engineering, Research, Government and Military, Auto ID and Barcoding, Telephony and Data Communications, Retail and Warehouse Data Collection and others.

WinWedge Pro Edition

Pro Serial Device Data Collection Software

WinWedge Pro is a highly advanced set of applications that all work together to get data from practically any type of data source (RS232, RS485, some USB, TCP/IP or Disk File Data) directly into any application program or web application running on a stand-alone PC or across any TCP/IP network – including Ethernet or the Internet.

  • 100% Accurate & Reliable
  • Advanced Parsing & Formatting
  • Highly Configurable & Flexible
  • Total Device Control

Barcode Generating Software

Barcode Creation Software for Pro High Quality Barcodes

Versatile solutions for creating high quality, perfect barcodes for print, web, ID cards, inventory management, and virtually any other use.

Used By Industries Around The World

We have developed our software to be versatile, flexible, and powerful. It’s no wonder that our products have been used by some of the biggest companies across the world! WinWedge, TCP-Wedge, TCP-Com and our other RS232 and TCP/IP-based data collection and communication software programs are used in any industry were accurate real-time data collection from devices or instruments is essential.

What Our Clients Are Saying About TALtech

Two machinists working on machine

“I highly recommend WinWedge for data collection from RS232 devices – especially its ability to easily edit serial data to your requirements. Great Program!”
Jim Bartell (Engineer, Cinema Products Corp.)


“I very strongly recommend WinWedge. It is enabling us to perform very difficult environmental data collection. I also appreciate the very helpful technical support I received.”
Mark Perry (Environmental Services)

Senior man in warehouse wearing hard hat

“In 20 years of technical work, I have been involved with many technical support personnel and you (and TALtech) are the best. Thanks again.”
Michael Milone (Dupont)


“I must say, your tech support is second to none. I have never had a better experience with programmable software tech support than with TALtech, amazing!”
Daniel DeBlanc (The Way Inc.)

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