About Aztec Code Barcodes

Aztec Code is a high-density 2D matrix-style barcode symbology that can encode up to 3750 characters from the entire 256 byte ASCII character set. The symbol is built on a square grid with a bullseye pattern at its center. Data is encoded in a series of “layers” that circle around the bullseye pattern. Each additional layer completely surrounds the previous layer, thus causing the symbol to grow in size as more data is encoded, yet the symbol remains square. Aztec’s primary features include a wide range of sizes allowing both small and large messages to be encoded, orientation-independent scanning, and a user-selectable error correction mechanism.

The smallest element in an Aztec symbol is called a “module” (i.e. a square dot). The module size and the amount of error correction are the only “dimensions” that can be specified for an Aztec symbol, and both are user-selectable.

It is recommended that the module size should range between 15 to 30 mils in order to be readable by most of the scanners that are currently available. The overall size of an Aztec symbol is dependent on the module size, the total amount of encoded data, and also on the level of error correction capacity chosen by the user. The smallest Aztec symbol is 15 modules square and can encode up to 14 digits with 40% error correction. The largest symbol is 151 modules square and can encode 3000 characters or 3750 numeric digits with 25% error correction.

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