About CodaBar Barcodes

CodaBar is a variable-length symbology that can encode up to 20 characters: 0123456789-$:/.+ABCD. It is widely used in libraries, blood banks and air parcel services. A, B, C and D are used only as start and stop characters, so the first and last digits of a CodaBar message must be one of these, and the body should not contain them.

B-Coder will allow any length of CodaBar message as long as it contains valid characters and starts and ends with a valid start/stop character. If you use lower case letters for A, B, C, or D, B-Coder will convert them to upper case.

If you need to create CodaBar barcodes, B-Coder Pro can help you generate them easily and accurately. B-Coder Pro is a powerful barcode generation software that supports a wide range of symbologies, including CodaBar. With B-Coder Pro, you can create high-quality barcodes for your products and streamline your barcode creation process. Try B-Coder Pro today and see how it can help you improve your library or parcel tracking capabilities.

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