About Code 93 Barcodes

Code 93 is a variable-length symbology that can encode the complete 128 ASCII character set. It was developed as an enhancement to the Code 39 symbology by providing a slightly higher character density. Code 93 also incorporates two check digits as an added measure of security. Although Code 93 is considered more robust than Code 39, it has never achieved the same popularity as Code 39.

Code 93 barcodes are framed by a special start/stop character. It is worth noting that B-Coder Pro can automatically add the start and stop characters, as well as the check digits, to each Code 93 barcode. Therefore, you should not attempt to include them as part of your barcode message.

If you need to create Code 93 barcodes, B-Coder Pro can help you generate them easily and accurately. B-Coder Pro is a powerful barcode generation software that supports a wide range of symbologies, including Code 93. With B-Coder Pro, you can create high-quality barcodes for your products and streamline your barcode creation process. Try B-Coder Pro today and see how it can help you.

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