About MaxiCode Barcodes

MaxiCode is a fixed-size matrix-style symbology that is made up of offset rows of hexagonal modules arranged around a unique bullseye finder pattern. Each MaxiCode symbol has 884 hexagonal modules arranged in 33 rows, with each row containing up to 30 modules. The maximum data capacity for a MaxiCode symbol is 93 alphanumeric characters or 138 numeric characters.

The symbology was designed by United Parcel Service for package tracking applications, as it is well suited to high-speed, orientation-independent scanning. Although the capacity of a MaxiCode symbol is not as high as other matrix-style barcode symbologies, it was primarily designed to encode address data, which rarely requires more than about 80 characters.

MaxiCode symbols actually encode two separate messages: a Primary message and a Secondary message. The Primary message normally encodes a postal code, a 3-digit country code, and a 3-digit class of service number. The Secondary message normally encodes address data and any other required information.

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