Barcode ActiveX Control Server Side Installation Notes

There are two recommended techniques for installing the TAL Barcode ActiveX control on a server. The first is to install the control using the Setup.exe program that you received when you purchased the TAL Barcode control. This will install all of the required files including the OCX, DLL and LIC files to the server where the control expects to find them. This will also install all of the sample applications on the server therefore if you do not need the samples on the server you can delete them. If you only want to install the minimal required files on your server, you can also install the control as follows:

  • Create a new folder anywhere on the server and copy the files TALBarCd.OCX, TALBC.DLL, TALBCDMX.DLL, TALBCMX.DLL and TALBC.LIC to the new folder.
  • Register the ActiveX control on the server by running REGSVR32 using the following command:
    REGSVR32 pathTALBarCd.OCX /s
    where “path” is the file path to the folder where the OCX file has been copied to.

If you are using an Internet Service Provider, the second technique is the preferred method because many ISPs will not allow you to install applications using a SETUP program on their servers. They may also not allow you to read or write files in their Windows or WindowsSystem folder. Using the second technique, you can copy the files to the server yourself using an FTP program and then all you need to do is to contact the ISP and ask them to register the OCX with REGSVR32. If the control is not registered on the server then it will not function. In some cases you may also need to ask your ISP to allow “file write privledges” to the folder where you will be outputting the barcode graphics to. If the write privlidges for the folder are set up to not allow writing to the folder then the control will not be able to save any images to disk.

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