Copy and Paste from ‘Output Field’ in Analyze Window

WinWedge allows you to define output data in several ways when you are configuring it to work with a particular device. You can define button controlled output strings, hot key activated output strings, timer controlled output strings and you can also define output data when working in the “Analyze Window” in WinWedge. These output strings can contain control codes or any other ASCII characters however to enter special control codes, you must choose them from an ASCII chart one at a time.

Occasionally you may want to define the same output string in two different places in WinWedge. For example, you might be working in the Analyze Window testing a particular output string after which you may want to define a hot key controlled output string containing the same characters that you entered as the output string the Analyze Window. Instead of re-entering the same data all over again, you can simply copy and paste data from one output string to another.

To copy data from one output string and paste it into another, use the following keystrokes:

Select the text that you want to copy and press Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) to copy.

Place the cursor in any other output string and press Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) to Paste.

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