Create Coupon Code Barcodes

Coupon Code barcodes are made up of two individual barcodes placed next to each other. The first barcode is either a standard UPC-A or EAN-13 barcode and the second barcode (the extended coupon code) is a UCC/EAN 128 barcode that is completely independent of the first barcode. All three types of barcode can be produced by our barcode ActiveX control.

The trick to producing coupon codes with our ActiveX control is simply to use two instances of the control and feed the two independent (UPC/EAN and UCC/EAN 128) barcode messages to their respective instance of the ActiveX control. The only requirement is that you print the extended code symbol a minimum of 10 times the NarrowBarWidth distance (typically 130 mils) to the right of the UPC or EAN symbol to maintain the quiet zone between the two barcodes.

Occasionally there is a need to save coupon code barcodes to a disk file in a single graphic file. Unfortunately the TAL Barcode ActiveX control does not have the ability to do this directly however it is possible to use Windows API functions to combine two barcode images together into a single graphic file.

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