Data is automatically entered into Notepad

When WinWedge is activated, any data incoming data from your device automatically goes into Notepad and not your desired application – even if the cursor has selected a field/cell in another Windows program.

The reason that the data is going into Notepad is because it is the default setting in WinWedge. If you want the data to go into another application, you must specify that application by entering the appropriate “Application Title Bar Text”. To specify the application, choose the “Send Keystrokes To” option under the MODE menu and specify the appropriate Title Bar Text for the application that you want to send data to. The title bar text is the text that appears in the title bar of the application’s main window. If you want the wedge to launch your application the first time it receives any data, you can also specify the full path for the application’s executable file name in the text box labeled “Command Line”. Note: You must specify the full path. For example if you have any application called Excel.Exe under the directory “C:MSOFFICE”, then your complete path would be C:MSOFFICEEXCEL.EXE.

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