DDE Command Tester

The WinWedge comes with a free utility called LinkTest – DDE Command Tester (Download here) that allows you to test all WinWedge DDE commands or test DDE commands that can be sent to other programs. To test any WinWedge DDE commands, the Wedge must be running and activated in either “Test Mode”, “Normal Mode” or “Virtual Instrument Mode”.

LinkTest provides two text boxes where you specify the Application Name and DDE Link Topic for the application that you want to send a DDE command to.

The defaults for these parameters are those required by WinWedge when it is activated for COM2. If you are using a different serial port, you should change the Link Topic to the correct value.

A third text box labeled “DDE Command” is where you enter the DDE Command that you want to send. After entering a DDE Command, you can have LinkTest issue the command to the specified application by clicking the button marked “Execute”.

If you get an error message that reads “No Foreign Application Responded to DDE Initiate” then you either did not specify the correct parameters for the DDE Application name or DDE Topic or the application is not currently running. If you get an error that reads “Foreign Application Won’t Perform DDE Method or Operation” then the application does not recognize either the command or the syntax for the command you are trying to have it execute.

For additional information about using LinkTest including a list of all DDE Commands that WinWedge can recognize, click the button marked “Help” in the LinkTest window.

If you use LinkTest with an application other than WinWedge, you will have to refer to its users manual to find out the proper DDE parameters (Application Name and Topic) and also the proper syntax of any DDE commands that it can recognize.

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