Defining Fewer Data Fields than are Actually Recieved

If you define your Input Data Record Structure with fewer data fields than actually appear in your data, WinWedge will simply ignore any additional data that it receives after the last field that you have defined in WinWedge. You could also take advantage of this behavior by in situations where a device transmits more data than you are actually interested in. For example suppose you had a device that transmitted 50 comma delimited data fields followed by a carriage return and you were only interested in the data that appears in the first three fields. You could define the input data record structure by specifying the End Of Record Event as “Carriage Return or CrLf Received” and then specifying the “Record Structure” as “Multiple Delimited Data Fields” with a comma as the delimiter and specifying three for the maximum number of data fields. The actual data has 50 data fields before the carriage return so by specifying three for the maximum number of fields, you will end up with only the first three data fields in WinWedge and the remaining 47 fields will be ignored.

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