Logging to a File While Passing Data to Other Programs via DDE

Although WinWedge has an explicit “DDE Server Mode”, it is actually a DDE Server no matter what mode it is in ( i.e. “Send Keystrokes”, “Log To Disk” or “DDE Server” modes). The reason that WinWedge has a DDE Server Mode at all is so that you can configure it to send a DDE command to another application after each input and thus force the other application to do something with the data that was just sent. Suppose that you wanted to log all data from WinWedge to a disk file and pass the data to another program via DDE in real time. You could set up WinWedge in Log To Disk mode and still pass the data through DDE links to another program. The only problem that you might run into is that you will not be able to configure WinWedge to send a DDE command to the other program and thus force it to do something like run a macro after each input data record. Many applications that support DDE also provide a way to monitor active DDE links so that the application automatically runs a macro when it detects new data from a DDE server. Excel for example has a function called “SetLinkOnData” that forces it to run a macro whenever data from a DDE server changes.

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