Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

Most of our popular software applications, such as WinWedge and B-Coder, allow users to communicate with third party programs using Dynamic Data Exchange. One of the more common programs used with DDE is Microsoft Office. Microsoft has traditionally included macro functionality in every edition of their Office Suite (Home & Student, Professional, etc), leaving the Works Suite of applications with reduced functionality and no VBA code modules. However, with the latest release of Office 2010, Microsoft has stopped producing the Works Suite and instead has created a reduced functionality edition of the main Office suite called “Starter Edition.” This edition has replaced Works and is pre-installed on most new computers from Dell, HP, and many other PC manufacturers.

For users of WinWedge, this means you will not be able to use WinWedge in DDE Server Mode to communicate with Office 2010 and you will not be able to use any of the macros in our Code Samples section. You will still be able to use keystrokes mode.

For users of B-Coder, you will not be able to automate barcode productions with our specialized macros. The paste functionality still works.

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