Minitab: Send Serial Data to Minitab Via DDE

WinWedge can send data to Minitab either as Keystrokes or by DDE. The keystrokes method is very simple as the data will just appear in Minitab as if you had typed it in! In certain situations the DDE method of sending data to Minitab may offer more control (such as when collecting data from multiple serial ports). The instructions below are for those who wish to use the DDE method.

  1. Set up WinWedge in the usual manor for your instrument.
  2. Choose “DDE Server” from the “Mode Menu” in WinWedge. Enter the following: Name = Minitab topic = name of your file in Minitab. Item = c1, c2, etc (the columns in Minitab where you want the serial data to appear).
  3. In Minitab Go to the “Manage Links” Menu. Enter the following: Application = WinWedge Topic = Comport # Item = Field/datetime next = column 1, 2, etc…(c1, c2, etc…) next = append If you have further questions about setting up DDE from within Minitab please call Minitab at: 814-238-3280
  4. Run WinWedge in “Test” Mode to check it has been correctly configured.

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