Wonderware inTouch: Sending Commands to your Device

InTouch 5.0 (and above) introduced the WWExecute function. This function can be used to automate other Microsoft Windows programs from Wonderware InTouch. WinWedge can be used to send data out the PC serial port directly from InTouch.

For example, to send the ASCII Char 27 out of port COM1, use the following InTouch script:

WWExecute("Winwedge","Com1","[SENDCODE(27)]") ;

To Toggle the DTR signal which is usually used to hang up on a modem, execute the following InTouch statement:

WWExecute("WinWedge", "Com1", "[TOGGLEDTR]) ;

Once the modem is off the hook, the following InTouch statement can be execute to dial the modem :

WWExecute("WinWedge", "Com1", "[SEND(ATDT 555-1212)]") ;
WWExecute("WinWedge", "Com1", "[SENDCODE(13)]") ;
WWExecute("WinWedge", "Com1", "[SENDCODE(10)]") ;

The above three statements can also be combined into the following single statement:

WWexecute("WinWedge", "Com1", "[SEND(ATDT 555-1212" + StringChar(13) + StringChar(10) + ")]") ;

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