HID-ScaleWedge Quick Start

HID-ScaleWedge was designed to be extremely easy to configure.

Step #1:

Select the USB HID Scale that you want to input data from and then choose the “Settings” option in the main menu and then select the options that you would like to use from the options available in the USB Scale Wedge Settings window and click OK when finished.

Step #2:

Leave the HID-ScaleWedge software running and switch to any other Windows application program that you can type data into and then put the cursor where you want weight data from the scale to appear and then press the hotkey on your keyboard that you defined in the Settings window. (The default hotkey is function key F9.)

Step #3:

The weight data should appear in the other application just as if it were being typed in on the keyboard.

Note: You can minimize the HID-ScaleWedge window and it will continue to function correctly. When you minimize HID-ScaleWedge, its icon will appear in the Windows system tray instead of on the Windows taskbar. To open the HID-ScaleWedge window after it has been minimized, double click its icon in the system tray.

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