Using Word’s Mail merge feature with B-Coder

The steps below outline how to use Word's mail merge feature with B-Coder's barcoding tools.

  1. With a new blank document open in Word, go to the TOOLS menu and choose MAIL MERGE.
  2. Under CREATE choose either “mailing labels” or “form letter”
  3. Under GET DATA choose your data source. If your data source is an Excel file, don't forget to change the selection in the “Files of type” box to Excel files or you may be unable to see your file!
  4. Set up your main document by inserting the mail merge fields. (and choosing label type if applicable.)
  5. Format the field(s) you wish to convert to barcodes using the style of the barcode you wish to create: For example, if you have a field called “barcode” in your word document it will look like “<>”, highlight it and then go to the FORMAT menu and choose STYLES. From the list of styles choose a barcode style for example Code128 and click on APPLY, then OK.
  6. Return to the Mail Merge Helper and click on MERGE, then MERGE TO NEW DOCUMENT.
  7. Go to the TOOLS Menu and select MERGEBARCODES. This will convert all text formatted with the style Code128 to Code 128 barcodes.

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