Application Throws an Error on Windows 7 “Unable to get the window handle…”

In certain environments, running an application that utilizes the TAL Barcode ActiveX control may throw the following error:

 	Unable to get the window handle for the 'AxTALBarCd' control.
	Windowless ActiveX controls are not supported.

If you encounter this error, please try the following (as a system Administrator) (Note: If you are using Visual Studio and attempting to insert an ActiveX control in a WPF application, please review this article).

  1. Copy the following files into the Windows folder (System32 or other common directory). This folder needs to be accessible to all users.
    • All TAL*.DLL files (perform a system-wide search for TAL*.DLL and copy all resulting files)
    • TALBC.LIC license file
  2. Use the RegSvr32 tool to register the TALBARCD.OCX file

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