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TCPWedge Support

TCP-Wedge is WinWedge with one small (but vital) difference: instead of collecting data from a Windows COM Port (Serial Port), TCP-Wedge communicates through a TCP/IP network port address. Like its sibling WinWedge, TCP-Wedge is extremely powerful because it allows you to take data from any TCP/IP network data source and feed that data directly into any Windows application and works by either converting the data to keystrokes or by passing the data through DDE links. TCP-Wedge has the ability to parse, filter, format, translate data and to write data to a disk file instead of another program. TCP-Wedge provides full two way I/O capabilities thereby allowing you to send and receive data to any device connected over a TCP/IP network, including an Intranet or the Internet! See WinWedge Support to learn more.