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Barcode ActiveX Demo

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Manuals, guides, and other documentation.

Barcode ActiveX Manual

Barcode ActiveX Informational Brochure


Supplemental files and examples for using the software.

VB.NET Sample Project

This sample VB.NET application demonstrates the proper techniques for printing barcodes or barcode labels as well as for displaying and manipulating barcodes in VB.NET forms.

C#.NET Sample Project

This is a sample project for generating barcodes onto a Windows Form using C#.NET

Access Sequential Barcode Generation Sample

This file contains a sample Access database application that uses the TAL Barcode ActiveX control to print a sequence of barcode labels. It demontrates how to create a label report in Access without requiring the report to be based on a table or a query. In this sample, you specify a starting barcode number, an increment value, and the total number of labels to print.

Word 97/2000 Macros for Barcode ActiveX

This is a Word document template that automatically installs several powerful Word macros directly into the Word "Tools" menu. The macros that it installs automate the process of creating bar codes using the ActiveX from within Word. The macros can be used to generate bar code labels, convert selected text to a bar code, prompt the user for a bar code message and then automatically insert the bar code into a document or search through a document and change any text with the style named "BarCode" from plain text into a bar code. This is a fantastic add on to the ActiveX if you are a Word user.

Excel 2007 (or later) Macros for Barcode ActiveX

This example demonstrates one way to generate barcodes in an Excel 2007 or 2010 spreadsheet. The included macro will loop through all the cells in Column A that contain data and insert a barcode to the right of the cell.

Excel 97 - 2003 Macros for Barcode ActiveX

This file contains sample Excel VBA macros that will generate a bar code using the ActiveX Control. The GenerateBarCode() macro uses data in the active cell for the bar code message and then inserts the bar code graphic in the worksheet 100 pixels to the right of the cell containing the data. The xlLoop() macro will loop through all the cells in Column A that contain data and insert a barcode to the right of the cell.

Visual Basic 6 Barcode Label Printing Program

This file contains the complete source code for a very simple bar code label printing program. It was written in Visual Basic 6.0 and it uses the TALtech Bar Code ActiveX control to print bar code labels onto standard Avery label stock. This program is designed to demonstrate how to print multiple bar code labels onto standard laser label stock. It is by no means a complete and polished label printing program however it is a good starting point if you need to add this sort of functionality to your own Visual Basic programs.

C++ Sample Application

This program demonstrates how to dynamically create, move and size the TALtech Bar Code ActiveX control in a window.

ASP.NET Sample Code

Sample code for using the Barcode ActiveX Control with ASP.NET. Contains separate projects for VB and C#.

Active Template Library (ATL) Sample

Demonstrates how to use the Barcode ActiveX control in a windowless ATL program. Includes all source code.

Visual FoxPro 6.0 Example

FoxPro 6.0 does not support the use of ActiveX Controls on reports, however it is possible to workaround this problem. This example demonstrates how to use the ActiveX Control on a form to save the barcode image to disk as a Bitmap image, then insert that image into a General Field in a table. From there, it is just a matter of adding that general field to the report. It appears that Visual FoxPro 8.0 finally supports the use of ActiveX controls on reports and we will put together a sample for that version as soon as possible. Note: Plus (or Demo) version of the ActiveX control is required as the bar code images must be converted to bitmaps.

Delphi Example Project

A Delphi version of the Visual Basic Demo that comes with the control.