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BasiC Wedge Software - Input RS232 data to Any Windows Application

BC-Wedge Basic Wedge Software, easily collects data from barcode scanners and other simple serial (RS232 or USB) output devices like digital calipers and some digital scales. It is extremely easy to use and 100% reliable. It feeds basic data automatically into Excel, Access or any Windows application or web page form. Note - BC-Wedge does not contain any of the advanced features of our WinWedge software.

Simple and Intuitive Basic RS232 (and USB) Data Collection

  • Easily input data from simple RS232 devices including many scales and barcode scanners.
  • A simple one screen / one minute set-up.
  • 100% accurate and 100% reliable.
  • Supports Com 1 to Com 16.
  • Add user defined keystrokes, if required, to automate data entry.
  • Supports password protection of set-up files.
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • Low cost, only $99 for a single license.

Download Free BC-Wedge Software 30-Day Demo

If you need to collect data from other instruments or devices, need to send commands to prompt or control your devices or need more advanced data parsing, filtering or formatting you will need to use our more powerful WinWedge software.

Need more control? Support for more devices? Limitless flexibility?

Use the Power of WinWedge

  • Sophisticated data parsing and filtering
  • Advanced keystroke macro insertion before and after your data
  • Date & time stamping of your serial data
  • Powerful DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) support
  • Optional disk file logging of serial data
  • Full 2-way serial I/O to send data and commands out to your serial devices...

If you need any of these, or other, advanced features please visit the WinWedge page for details.


Single PC License* $99

BC-Wedge Team

Six PC License* $495
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* Higher quantity licenses are also available.


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