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Diagram from left to right: RS232 devices such as a scale and balance sending data to a computer running TCP-Com. In this case, TCP-com runs in server mode to make those devices available on a network for client PCs.

COM to TCP IP Software, TCP-com. Redirect COM port Serial (RS232 or USB) data to TCP IP Networks.

Redirect serial COM port data to TCP IP networks using TCP-Com software from TALtech. TCP-Com is a Serial Port Redirector Software sending COM port data over TCP IP networks such as Ethernet or Internet.

Redirect COM Port Device Data over TCP IP Networks

Use TCP-Com as a PC-based Serial Device Server (also known as a Terminal Server) to make any RS232 COM-port connected devices accessible on a TCP IP network (i.e. Ethernet).

Attach devices to your PC’s RS232 or USB COM ports and TCP-Com will redirect the data to a TCP IP address (and port number) on your TCP network. Add additional USB or RS232 COM ports to your PC to make TCP-Com act as a multi-port Serial Device Server (or Terminal Server) if you need many serial COM port connections.

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COM to TCP Software, TCP-Com


TCP-Com has many features to allow it to flexibly redirect any serial connection to Ethernet / TCP/IP or the other way around.

All Usage Scenarios
  • Use TCP-Com as a virtual Serial Device Server connecting serial devices to TCP/IP networks
  • Make TCP/IP port connections act as virtual COM ports on any Windows PC
  • Make real COM ports function as TCP/IP port connections
  • Send TCP/IP network data to virtual or real COM ports
  • Communicate over a TCP/IP network using multiple serial devices connected to a PC
Additional Features
  • Advanced error recovery features for automatic repair of broken TCP/IP connections
  • Input data from up to 256 simultaneous COM ports
  • Input or output data with up to 256 TCP/IP connections as a client or server
  • Ability to connect to multiple clients as a TCP/IP server
  • Support for both UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols
  • Support for up to 115Kb serial communications
  • Option to install TCP-Com as a Windows service

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