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Get Data from Serial Devices into Excel and Apps

Do you frequently need to manually transfer data from devices like scales, balances, barcode scanners or other serial output equipment into Excel, databases or business applications? This tedious data entry can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Fortunately, there’s software that allows you to automatically capture and integrate serial device data into your spreadsheets and apps: WinWedge.

WinWedge is a powerful Windows utility software that acts as a bridge between your serial devices and applications like Excel, Word, Access, or any other program that accepts keyboard input or data files. It allows you to effortlessly capture, translate, format, and transfer data without any programming required.

Key Features of WinWedge:

  1. Broad Device Compatibility: WinWedge supports a wide range of serial devices using RS232, USB, or Ethernet connections, including scales, balances, bar code scanners, measurement equipment, and more.
  2. Excel & Application Integration: The software lets you input data directly into an open Excel spreadsheet, database, or any Windows program with just a few clicks. No more manual data entry!
  3. Powerful Data Parsing: WinWedge’s advanced parsing and formatting capabilities allow you to extract, manipulate, and format your serial data exactly how you need it.
  4. Automation & Scheduling: Automate data collection by setting up WinWedge to run in the background and schedule imports based on time intervals or hardware triggers.
  5. Flexible controls: Create custom buttons, hotkeys, and command workflows to streamline your data collection and simplify operations.

Overview of how to use WinWedge (see more in our Quick Start Guide):

  1. Connect your serial device to your computer via the appropriate cable (RS232, USB, or Ethernet).
  2. Launch the WinWedge application and follow the configuration wizard to set up your device connection.
  3. Define parsing and formatting rules to extract the desired data fields from your device output.
  4. Map the parsed data fields to their respective columns in your spreadsheet or application.
  5. Start capturing data from your device directly into your spreadsheet or application!

WinWedge takes the hassle out of manual data entry and streamlines your workflow by bridging the gap between your serial devices and the software applications you use every day.

Why Use WinWedge for Serial Device Data Integration?

  • Save countless hours by eliminating manual data entry
  • Avoid costly transcription errors
  • Seamless integration with Excel, databases, ERP systems and more
  • Support for all serial output devices like scales, balances, barcode scanners etc.
  • Easily parse, format and manipulate data to your needs
  • Automate data collection on a schedule or via manual triggers

Get Data from Serial Devices into Excel and Apps

Device compatibility

WinWedge is available in Standard and Pro versions.

The Standard version supports all serial devices that use an industry-standard RS232 connection:

  • Balances & Scales
  • Meters
  • Gauges
  • Calipers
  • Sensors
  • Analyzers

    WinWedge Pro is compatible with even more devices, including devices with longer and more complex data output, Ethernet as well as RS232/USB connected devices, devices needing more control, binary and hex output devices as well as ASCII output.

    Additional WinWedge Pro features include…
    • TCP-Wedge for Ethernet and IP network device data collection.
    • Advanced data parsing, filtering, and formatting options.
    • Support for both binary and ASCII data.
    • Compatibility with more serial and IP ports.
    • And much more.

    Wondering how WinWedge can help with your data transfer and automation needs? Our support team is here to assist you.

    Reach out via phone or email for personalized assistance in your data collection requirements. We’re committed to helping you optimize WinWedge for your unique application.

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    WinWedge and WinWedge Pro are used to collect all sorts of data across many industries.

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