Excel Tips & Tricks

Tips on using Excel, from learning how to create dynamic graphs to learning how to create automated macros.

Introduction to Serial Communication

Learn the basic principles of serial communication. This page also contains basic connector pinouts, recommended cable lengths and other useful information.

Introduction to Barcoding

A very thorough overview of barcode technology. This section includes details on how barcodes work, what you can encode in them, what types of readers are available as well as how to interface barcode readers to a PC. Also contains descriptions of all the major types of barcodes and how to print barcodes. If you are new to barcoding this is an excellent place to start.

TCP/IP Overview and using TCP/IP as an Instrument Interface

Learn the basics of TCP/IP communication and how to use a TCP/IP network to interface all sorts of different types of devices to any PC network.

Quality Control Automation

Discusses the importance of quality control in manufacturing, describing in detail how to easily automate quality control data collection, storage and analysis for all types of measuring tools.

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