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Serial Port Communications Software

Easily Collect Data from Scales, Balances, Gauges, Meters, Analyzers and Other RS232 and USB Serial Port Connected Devices with WinWedge software. Best Serial Port Communications Software.

WinWedge integrates device data directly into Excel, databases, any other Windows application, any web page form or any text file.

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Serial port communication software – WinWedge Pro

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Key Features of WinWedge – Serial Port Communications Software

WinWedge Pro stands out as the best serial port communications software, providing unparalleled flexibility in parsing, filtering, and formatting serial RS232-USB device data. This software seamlessly feeds device readings, date, time, and other crucial data directly into Excel, any Windows applications, web forms, or data files.

Take Control with WinWedge, Recognized as the Best Serial Port Communications Software

WinWedge can also transmit prompts or commands from your PC to control scales, balances, meters, sensors, RS232 lab equipment, measuring instruments or any serial port connected device making it ideal for on-demand device data collection.

Data Seamlessly into Excel

WinWedge not only communicates with your serial port devices it can input the read-time device data into Excel or any Windows application. Visualize your data in real-time or generate insightful reports using Excel’s graphing and charting tools. WinWedge can intelligently separate your serial port device data into distinct columns and remove unit measurements from each reading as needed.

WinWedge can also collect data from any serial port device into any other Windows application, web form or data file.

Please contact TALtech at 800-722-6004 or for assistance with all your Serial Port Communication Software questions.

Serial Port Communications Software

Device compatibility

WinWedge is available in Standard and Pro versions.

The Standard version supports all serial devices that use an industry-standard RS232 connection:

  • Balances & Scales
  • Meters
  • Gauges
  • Calipers
  • Sensors
  • Analyzers

    WinWedge Pro is compatible with even more devices, including devices with longer and more complex data output, Ethernet as well as RS232/USB connected devices, devices needing more control, binary and hex output devices as well as ASCII output.

    Additional WinWedge Pro features include…
    • TCP-Wedge for Ethernet and IP network device data collection.
    • Advanced data parsing, filtering, and formatting options.
    • Support for both binary and ASCII data.
    • Compatibility with more serial and IP ports.
    • And much more.

    Wondering how WinWedge can help with your data transfer and automation needs? Our support team is here to assist you.

    Reach out via phone or email for personalized assistance in your data collection requirements. We’re committed to helping you optimize WinWedge for your unique application.

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    User Application Notes

    WinWedge and WinWedge Pro are used to collect all sorts of data across many industries.

    We offer an unconditional 90-day guarantee and lifetime free technical support with every software purchase.

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